Apple’s Return to Thin Devices: The OLED iPad Pro Was Just the Beginning

Apple’s OLED iPad Pro launch marks a new phase in thinner devices. Mark Gurman reports Apple will introduce a significantly skinnier iPhone 17. Gurman also says Apple is working to slim down the MacBook Pro and Apple Watch.

A Shift in Approach: Balancing Thinness with Functionality

Apple pushed device thinness boundaries, sacrificing durability and functionality. Now, a shift in strategy occurs, prioritizing thinness without compromising features like battery life, port selection, and overall performance, according to Gurman.

Learning from Past Missteps

Past thinness pursuits caused issues like bendable iPhones and thermal throttling. However, iPhone 15 Pro and MacBook Pro prioritized robustness over slimness. They addressed user concerns, improving overall user experience.

Looking Ahead: The Promise of Thinner, Functional Devices

MacBook Air sets a benchmark for thin yet powerful design. New iPad Pro balances usability with its slender profile. Apple appears poised to strike a better balance between form and function. This approach suggests a return to sleek aesthetics without sacrificing durability or battery efficiency.

Conclusion: Optimism for Apple’s Future Designs

Apple innovates, promising thinner practical devices ahead. Past challenges inform Apple’s goal to deliver cutting-edge design and dependable performance. This evolution thrills tech enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

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