Community Rallies Around Dominic Mendez, Cal Poly Wrestler, After Accident

Dominic Mendez, a Cal Poly wrestler, lost his right arm below the shoulder in an ATV accident on Memorial Day weekend. Yet, he has found strength in the community’s support.

Details of the Accident

Dominic Mendez’s life took a drastic turn on May 27 due to an ATV accident that resulted in the loss of his right arm. The accident has presented him with significant challenges, but he remains resilient in the face of adversity.

Community Support and GoFundMe Campaign

After the accident, Mendez’s aunt, Bernadette Silva, started a GoFundMe for his recovery and a prosthetic arm. She aimed for $100,000. As of June 14, the campaign had already raised over $86,500. This shows the support and generosity of Mendez’s backers.

Wrestling Community’s Response

Both the local and national wrestling communities have supported Mendez tirelessly. They are close-knit and have stood by him in his time of need. This shows the deep respect and love they have for him, both as a wrestler and as a person.

Statements of Support

Sioredas, a wrestling community member, said, “We’re close-knit and support each other.” This matches Silva’s view. He thinks Mendez’s good character and community connections have led to strong support.

Looking Ahead

Mendez faces recovery challenges. But, his resilience and community support give him hope. Cal Poly eagerly awaits his return. They celebrate his determination and character as a student-athlete.


Dominic Mendez faced tough times after his ATV accident. However, his community’s overwhelming support lightened his burden. Now, as he recovers, the care and encouragement from family and wrestling friends are his sources of hope and strength.

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