Constantine P. Iordanou, Former Chairman and CEO of Arch Capital Group, Passes Away

Constantine “Dinos” Iordanou was an insurance industry leader. He was also Chairman of Vantage Group Holdings Ltd. He has passed away at 74.

Early Life and Education

Constantine P. Iordanou moved to the United States and got a degree in aerospace engineering at New York University. Then, he had a great career in the insurance industry.

Career Trajectory

Mr. Iordanou held senior executive roles at prominent commercial insurance companies, starting with American International Group Inc. and later at Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and Zurich American Insurance Group, where he rose to significant leadership positions.

Leadership at Arch Capital Group

In 2001, Mr. Iordanou joined Arch Capital Group Ltd., initially as president and later as CEO and chairman, overseeing its growth and establishment as a leading reinsurer. His tenure at Arch spanned 17 years, marking a pivotal era in the company’s history.

Recognition and Contributions

Many people widely recognized Mr. Iordanou’s contributions to the insurance industry. This recognition culminated in his designation as Insurance Leader of the Year by St. John’s University’s Maurice R. Greenberg School of Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science in 2017.

Legacy and Entrepreneurship

Following his retirement from Arch in 2018, Mr. Iordanou co-founded Vantage Group Holdings Ltd. in Bermuda in 2020, demonstrating his enduring impact and entrepreneurial spirit within the insurance sector.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

In addition to his professional achievements, Mr. Iordanou was known for his support of Broadway and West End theater. He was also involved in philanthropy. This included efforts to fund a new stadium for APOEL Nicosia, a Cypriot soccer team.

Remembering a Visionary

Colleagues and industry peers remember Mr. Iordanou as a visionary leader with a profound commitment to underwriting excellence and a supportive approach to his team. His passing marks a significant loss to the insurance community.

Survived by Family

Constantine P. Iordanou is survived by his wife, Marianne, and three daughters, leaving behind a legacy of leadership, innovation, and philanthropy.

This article is based on information released by industry sources and news reports.

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