Harley Brinson Missing from Corpus Christi, TX: Last Seen in September 2022

Harley Brinson is 16 years old. He is from Corpus Christi, Texas. He has been missing since mid-September 2022. The community and her family are deeply concerned about her whereabouts.

Last Known Details

Harley Brinson was last seen on a Monday night in September 2022, wearing a blue Thrasher hoodie and shorts. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, with blonde hair and green eyes, making her appearance distinct and recognizable.

Community Response and Search Efforts

The Corpus Christi Crónica is a local news outlet. It has stressed the urgency of Harley’s disappearance. It is urging community members to share information and photos to help in the search.

Mobilization of Support

Local law enforcement, including Corpus Christi Police, investigates Harley as a runaway. Posters and digital flyers are widely distributed for visibility. Social media campaigns like #FindHarleyBrinson keep the search visible.

Call to Action

Community members are urged to contact Corpus Christi Police with any info helping to locate Harley sharing on social media spreads awareness and could potentially locate her safely

Hope for Harley’s Safe Return

As the search continues, Harley’s family and the Corpus Christi community remain hopeful for her safe return. Continuing to share her story and staying vigilant are essential to the efforts to reunite Harley with her loved ones.

Contact Information

Anyone with information about Harley Brinson’s whereabouts should contact the Corpus Christi Police Department immediately. Every piece of information, no matter how small, could be vital in bringing Harley home.

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