Jeep’s Ingenious Hidden Rear Wing Boosts EV Range to 300 Miles

The all-electric Jeep Wagoneer S appears like a typical luxury SUV from the side. It shares a greenhouse with the Grand Cherokee. Yet, its rear design is unique. The back window is shallower and more tapered than usual. A wing on the D-pillars makes it look boxy and tall. This design is both aerodynamic and elegant.

Ralph Gilles, Stellantis Chief Design Officer, explained the design’s key features to generationimport. He stressed the need for a tapered design to meet aerodynamic goals. The pass-through wing maintains both attractiveness and aerodynamics.Typical SUV shapes cause turbulence. However, the Wagoneer S’s teardrop shape reduces this. This shape also boosts battery range. The pass-through wing, originally for looks and housing the rear camera, surprisingly improves aerodynamics. It achieves a drag coefficient of 0.294, making it the sleekest Jeep yet.Alison Rahm, Vice President of Product Development, praised the sloped roofline. It’s crucial for the excellent drag coefficient. She detailed the wing’s engineering challenges. The team had to ensure stability and reduce vibration, especially with the camera. Despite these challenges, they succeeded in creating a design that’s both functional and beautiful.Their efforts made the Wagoneer S the first all-electric Jeep with a range over 300 miles. Rahm is proud of the wing’s role and the team’s success.

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