Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Divorce Rumors, Explained

The media is obsessively covering Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship. Lately, divorce rumors have surged. Now, let’s look at the latest updates.

The Photo Drought

Speculation grew when the couple didn’t appear publicly. At the Met Gala, Lopez was alone, without Affleck. Later, In Touch Weekly hinted at a divorce, adding to the speculation.

Ring Watch

Lopez and Affleck were seen wearing their wedding rings in photos taken apart. This was on May 16. However, Affleck was soon spotted without his ring. This sparked rumors about their marriage.

For the Sake of the Children

Contrary to rumors, the couple is working on their marriage. Affleck is at a different home, but Lopez is not planning to move out. She is looking for investment opportunities.

United Front

The couple went to a school play together. This action suggests they’re still talking. However, their talks may not have solved all their issues.

J.Lo’s Statement

During a press appearance in Mexico City, Lopez brushed off rumors with a cryptic response. He suggested that the public should know better than to believe all they hear.

Continued Speculation

Recent sightings of Lopez without her wedding ring added to the speculation. The couple reportedly lives apart.

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Selling Bennifer Hills

TMZ reports that Lopez and Affleck are selling their Beverly Hills mansion. This move comes as divorce rumors grow, adding uncertainty to their relationship.

The public is captivated by the twists and turns of Bennifer’s romance.

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