Joshua Plante, Owner of The Fermented Pig, Passes Away

Joshua Plante, owner of The Fermented Pig in Vienna, has passed away. He was a respected leader, mentor, and key community member. His family appreciates the support and asks for privacy. The restaurant will stay closed to honor his memory.

The Fermented Pig: A Family-Run Culinary Treasure

Since 2018, The Fermented Pig has sold top-quality charcuterie, bacon, sausage, and meats at farmers markets and online. Joshua’s commitment to excellent ingredients and traditional methods has made it a favorite for artisanal meats in Vienna, Virginia.

Innovative Offerings and Community Engagement

Joshua Plante was the executive chef at The Fermented Pig in Wolf Trap, part of Ovations. He offered concertgoers picnic boxes and a farm-to-table menu. Later, he teamed up with Settle Down Easy Brewing Co. at their Oakton Tasting Room. Together, they introduced fresh salads, regional cheeses, and charcuterie. Their entrees included grass-fed burgers and shrimp and sausage rigatoni.

A Culinary Visionary

Joshua had a clear vision for The Fermented Pig. He aimed to offer top-notch, tasty Old World sausage, dry-cured bacon, and charcuterie. Joshua used fresh ingredients and created unique, bold flavors. This approach built a loyal customer base. He always listened to feedback and worked to improve their dining experience.

Tribute from The Fermented Pig

Dear TFP friends, we are sad to announce the passing of our founder, Joshua Plante. He was a passionate leader, mentor, and a valued member of the Vienna community. His family is grateful for your thoughts and prayers. They now ask for privacy. TFP will be closed until we announce its reopening.

Remembering Joshua Plante

Joshua Plante’s legacy extends beyond his culinary achievements. He was a figure of inspiration and mentorship in the Vienna community, leaving a lasting impact on all who knew him. His dedication to quality, innovation, and community engagement will be remembered and cherished by many.

In honor of Joshua Plante, let us celebrate his life and contributions to the culinary world and the Vienna community. His memory will live on through the flavors and experiences he created at The Fermented Pig.

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