Police Identify Gunmen in Rochester Hills Splash Pad Shooting; Motives Remain Unclear

On June 15, a tragedy occurred at Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad in Rochester Hills. Michael William Nash, 42, shot nine people, including two children. Then, he took his own life after a standoff with police.

Michael William Nash: A Profile

Michael William Nash was identified as the gunman responsible for the shooting. Notably, he had no prior criminal record and was residing with his mother. Reports indicate he was grappling with mental health challenges, although specific details about his condition have not been disclosed.

Details of the Shooting

Armed with a 9mm Glock and multiple magazines, Nash fired a total of 28 rounds, causing injuries to nine people. Among the wounded were an eight-year-old boy critically injured by a gunshot to the head and a four-year-old boy, both part of the same family. A 39-year-old woman and a 78-year-old man were also among those injured.

Investigation and Police Response

Authorities are investigating Nash’s actions. They suspect he planned more violence. After the shooting, Nash went to his Shelby Township home. There, he took his own life. The police found more guns, including an AR-style rifle, hinting at further violence.

Community Impact and Response

The tragic incident shocked the community. It sparked talks about mental health and gun violence. Meanwhile, police are investigating Nash. They aim to uncover his motives and understand the shooting better.


As the investigation unfolds, authorities aim to clarify the circumstances of Michael William Nash’s actions. They will shed light on the broader implications for public safety and mental health support in the community.

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