Prayers Needed for Shawn Houser of McCordsville, IN, Critically Injured in Tragic Car Accident

McCordsville, IN – Shawn Houser, a Mt. Vernon High School junior, was critically injured in a car accident. The accident involved four other boys, leaving Shawn with brain trauma, bleeding, and swelling. Despite critical injuries, Shawn shows signs of responsiveness, offering hope for recovery. The McCordsville community unites in support of Shawn, praying for his recovery.

A Mother’s Heartfelt Updates

Erin Houser, Shawn’s mother, has been sharing updates on his condition through social media. In a heartfelt message, she detailed the challenges her son faces, writing, “Shawn made it through the first 24 hours. Please keep the prayers coming & going. He is definitely fighting to find his way back to us! He is strong and he is a fighter. Please pray that he finds his way. He is still unconscious and on a breathing machine, but showing signs of responsiveness. He does have brain trauma, bleeding on the brain, and swelling which is being monitored very closely. But my boy is strong, he is very, very strong and he will find his way.”

Gratitude for Community Support

Erin felt immense gratitude for support from friends, family, and community. She thanked them for phone calls, texts, and FB shares. The community support from friends, family, and soccer families amazed her. She wished Shawn could have seen all the visitors. Erin praised the ICU medical team, calling them amazing. She had faith in them and God to get through this.

Impact on Friends and Classmates

Shawn’s classmates and close friends are deeply affected by the accident. Family friend Khara Christine Sinclair urges the community to pray for Shawn, his mom, and younger brother. She notes the gravity of the situation, saying Shawn desperately needs prayers after a bad car accident. He was driving with four other boys, who are banged up but okay.

A Call for Prayers

The call for prayers has resonated throughout the community. One supporter wrote, “Come on prayer warriors! One of Rushville’s own needs us! Erin Houser’s son, Shawn, was in a very serious car accident. He’ll be a junior at Mt. Vernon HS. Keep Erin, Shawn, and the whole Houser family in your prayers!”

Strength in Unity

Shawn’s condition remains critical, but community support and prayers bring strength and hope. The road to recovery will be long and arduous, but with community support, they’re not alone.

Continued Requests for Support

The Houser family requests prayers and positive thoughts for Shawn’s recovery. Updates on his condition may be sparse as the focus is on his hour-by-hour battle. The family is overwhelmed with gratitude for the support and asks for continued prayers as Shawn fights to find his way back.

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