Shooting Incident Near Lake Merritt During Oakland’s Juneteenth Celebration Leaves Four Injured

Lake Merrit Shooting: At Oakland’s Juneteenth celebration near Lake Merritt, a shooting happened, causing chaos. This incident is a potential “mass casualty” event, police reports say. At least four people were shot, and more injuries were reported.

Eyewitness Account

Eyewitness Tamia Robinson described the scene as initially festive with sideshows and celebrations. Suddenly, gunshots rang out, prompting panic and confusion among the crowd. Robinson recounted hearing multiple gunshots from different directions and witnessing the aftermath where victims lay injured.

Police and Emergency Response

Authorities quickly responded to reports of a large gathering around 9 p.m. at Grand and Euclid Avenues they found multiple gunshot victims Oakland police and fire departments attended to them taking them to hospitals for treatment. As of the latest update, the conditions of the victims remain unknown.

Investigation and Area Alerts

Avoid the area around I-580 at Grand Avenue while investigations continue. Oakland police and firefighters secure the area, helping those affected. This incident disrupts a celebratory event, highlighting public safety concerns. Community support is needed during challenges.

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