STEM Students’ Refusal to Work at Google and Amazon Due to Project Nimbus

More than 1,100 STEM students and young professionals across 120 universities have pledged to boycott job offers and internships from Google and Amazon. They will do so until the companies stop their involvement in Project Nimbus. It is a $1.2 billion cloud computing contract with the Israeli government.

University Participation

Students from Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of San Francisco, and San Francisco State University led the pledge. It showed that many on campus oppose Project Nimbus.

Tech Giants as Top Employers

Google and Amazon are top employers for graduates of leading STEM institutions like UC Berkeley and Stanford, according to data. The pledge is a significant stance from future tech industry leaders.

Organizational Backing

The pledge was organized by No Tech for Apartheid (NOTA). It was supported by tech workers and activists from MPower Change and Jewish Voice for Peace. They advocate for tech divestment from Israeli government projects since 2021.

Humanitarian Concerns

The pledge argues that Project Nimbus makes Palestinian suffering worse. It does this by improving Israeli surveillance and military. This has fueled opposition from both students and tech workers.

Personal Testimonies

Sam is a Cornell graduate in computer science. Naomi Hardy-Njie is a student at the University of San Francisco. They show personal reasons for signing the pledge. They cite ethical concerns and disappointment in corporate responses to protests.

Corporate Response

Despite Google’s claim that Project Nimbus excludes military objectives, leaks suggest otherwise. Both Google and Amazon have not commented on the recent developments.

This effort is organized. It shows growing ethical concerns in tech. It reflects a broader push for corporate accountability in global conflicts.

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