2026 Toyota Starlet Price, Mileage, Specs, And Images

The Toyota Starlet, a subcompact hatchback, booted off the 4th Generation. It boasted a sleeker body and updated Twin am engines likened to its predecessor. Production spanned from 1989 to 1995. The model came in 3-door and 5-door versions, with a competitive price for its class.

Its exterior design was simple. The front featured rectangular side-swept headlights and a narrow, black grille. The rear had trapezium taillights and a basic hatch. The 5-door model was slightly longer to accommodate rear doors. All versions shared the same look, typical for 1980s hatchbacks.

Inside, black plastic was the main trim. Seats were fabric. Standard features included a tachometer and a stereo. Higher-end models offered sports seats, a sunroof, and air conditioning. All controls were manual. The interior, however, felt cramped and lacked comfort and refinement.

2026 Toyota Starlet Overview

BrandModelLaunch DateStatusPrice (USD)
ToyotaStarlet20242024 $18,000

2026 Toyota Starlet Price

The price of the 2026 Toyota Starlet is expected to start around $18,000 and go up to $23,000 – $25,000

Trim LevelEstimated Price (USD)
Base $18,000
LE$20,000 – $22,000
XLE$23,000 – $25,000

2026 Toyota Starlet Price in All States of USA

StateBase LE XLE
Alabama$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Alaska$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Arizona$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Arkansas$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
California$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Colorado$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Connecticut$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Delaware$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Florida$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Georgia$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Hawaii$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Idaho$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Illinois$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Indiana$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Iowa$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Kansas$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Kentucky$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Louisiana$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Maine$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Maryland$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Massachusetts$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Michigan$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Minnesota$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000
Mississippi$20,000 – $22,000$23,000 – $25,000

2026 Toyota Starlet Colors

Trim LevelPossible Colors
Base* Solid colors: White, Black, Gray * Metallic colors: Silver, Dark Gray
LE* All Base colors * Additional options: Red, Blue * Possibly a two-tone option
XLE* All LE colors * More premium options: Pearl White, Metallic Brown * Exclusive XLE color (e.g., Emerald Green)

2026 Toyota Starlet Mileage

2026 Toyota Starlet Mileage is 33-40 mpg to 38-46 mpg

TrimsExpected Mileage (City/Highway)
Base33-40 mpg (est.)
LE35-43 mpg (est.)
XLE38-46 mpg (est.)

2026 Toyota Starlet Top-speed

2026 Toyota Starlet Top-speed is 90-100 mph (145-161 km/h) to 100-110 mph (161-177 km/h)

TrimsExpected Top Speed (est.)
Base90-100 mph (145-161 km/h)
LE95-105 mph (153-169 km/h)
XLE100-110 mph (161-177 km/h)


FeatureTypical PresenceNotes
Safety, Security & Locks
AirbagsOptional on Later ModelsDriver and passenger airbags became more common in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Seat Belt WarningStandardBecame standard equipment in most markets by the late 1980s.
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)Optional on Later ModelsABS became more common in the 1990s.
Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)UnlikelyEBD is a more modern technology, less likely on older Starlets.
Engine ImmobilizerUnlikelyEngine immobilizers became more common in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
Comfort & Convenience
Parking SensorsNot AvailableParking sensors weren’t widely available until the late 1990s and 2000s.
Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers
Anti-glare MirrorsOptionalManual anti-glare mirrors were available on some models.
ORVMs (Heated)Not AvailableHeated mirrors were a rare feature on economy cars like the Starlet.
Boot-lid OpenerStandardMost Starlets likely had a standard interior release lever for the trunk/boot lid.
Door HandlesStandard
Interior Door HandlesStandard
Door PocketsStandardMost cars have door pockets for storage.
Headlight Height AdjusterManualMost Starlets likely had manual headlight height adjustment.
Tail LightsStandard
Cabin LampsStandard
Seats, Upholstery & Storage
Seat UpholsteryClothLeather upholstery was not typical on the Starlet.
Driver Height Adjustable SeatOptionalManual driver’s seat height adjustment may have been available on some models.
Front Passenger Seat AdjustmentManualFront passenger seats likely had manual adjustments.
Rear Passenger SeatsFoldingMost Starlets likely had folding rear seats for increased cargo space.
Interior ColoursLimited OptionsTypically, a few interior color options were available.
Cup HoldersOptionalCupholders became more common features in the 1990s, may have been optional.
Entertainment, Information & Instrumentation
Instrument ClusterStandardBasic speedometer, fuel gauge, and warning lights.
Trip MeterStandard
TachometerOptionalTachometers were not standard on all Starlet models.
WarrantyWarranty information would vary depending on model year and location.
Band Warranty (Years)N/ABand warranties are not typically offered by car manufacturers.
Standard Warranty (Years)Typically 3/36,000This is a common warranty structure for older vehicles, but may vary.
Standard Warranty (kilometers)Typically 36,000This is a common warranty structure for older vehicles, but may vary.
Technology features:Not applicable to this car
Infotainment system:Basic Radio/CassetteMore advanced features like CD players were optional on later models.
Navigation:Not AvailableNavigation systems were not available in cars of this era.
Driver assistance features:LimitedAnti-lock brakes (ABS) may have been the only driver assistance feature available.


Dimensions & Weight
Width (mm)162016201620
Height (mm)149514951495
Wheelbase (mm)246024602460
Ground Clearance (mm)160160160
Seating Capacity555
No. of Seating Rows222
Boot Space (L)370370370
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)404040
Displacement (cc)130013001500
Engine TypePetrolPetrolPetrol
Max Power (BHP)868694
Max Torque (NM)110110120
Mileage (ARAI) (kmpl)181918
Transmission TypeManualManualAutomatic (Optional)
No. of gears554 (Automatic)
Engine type:PetrolPetrolPetrol
Transmission:ManualManualAutomatic (Optional)
0-60 mph (sec)N/AN/AN/A
Drive TypeFront-Wheel DriveFront-Wheel DriveFront-Wheel Drive
Fuel TypeUnleadedUnleadedUnleaded
Capacity (Repeated – for reference)
Seating Capacity555
No. of Seating Rows222
Boot Space (L)370370370
Suspensions, Brakes, Steering & Tyres
Suspension FrontMacPherson StrutMacPherson StrutMacPherson Strut
Suspension RearBeam AxleBeam AxleBeam Axle
Front Brake TypeDiscDiscDisc
Spare WheelFull sizeFull sizeFull size
Wheel Size (inches)131314 (Optional)
Tyre Size Front175/70 R13175/70 R13185/65 R14 (Optional)
Tyre Size Rear175/70 R13175/70 R13185/65 R14 (Optional)


Possible CompetitorSegmentExpected Price Range (₹ lakhs)Notes
Maruti Suzuki SwiftHatchback₹5 – 8Well-established hatchback with a strong reputation for fuel efficiency and reliability.
Hyundai Grand i10 NIOSHatchback₹5 – 8Spacious and feature-rich hatchback known for its value proposition.
Tata TiagoHatchback₹4 – 7Stylish and well-equipped hatchback with a focus on safety and technology.
Renault KwidHatchback₹4 – 6Affordable and practical hatchback with a rugged design.
Nissan MagniteCompact SUV₹6 – 9Feature-loaded compact SUV with a bold design and competitive pricing.

Pros and Cons

Reliable and durableUnderpowered engine, especially in earlier models
Fuel-efficientNot very spacious
AffordableNot many safety features by modern standards
Easy to maintainNot very exciting to drive
Relatively comfortable for a small carSome reviewers found the interior to be cheap-looking

Reviews and Ratings

CategoryPossible RatingNotes
PerformanceAverageThe Starlet wasn’t known for its speed or power, but it offered a reliable and economical driving experience.
Fuel EconomyGoodFor its time, the Starlet was considered fuel-efficient, making it a good choice for budget-minded drivers.
ReliabilityAbove AverageToyotas are known for their reliability, and the Starlet was no exception.
SafetyBelow Average (by today’s standards)Safety standards and features have come a long way since the Starlet’s production.
Interior ComfortBelow AverageThe Starlet prioritized functionality over comfort, with a basic and utilitarian interior.
OverallAverageThe Starlet was a dependable and economical car, but it wasn’t known for being particularly exciting or feature-rich.


AccessoryBaseLEXLEBuy Now
Front Mudguards$25 – $40$25 – $40$25 – $40Buy Now: [invalid URL removed]
Rear Mudguards$20 – $35$20 – $35$20 – $35Buy Now: [invalid URL removed]
Rear Spoiler$50 – $100$50 – $100$50 – $100Buy Now: [invalid URL removed]
Alloy Wheels (Set of 4)$300 – $500$300 – $500$300 – $500Buy Now: [invalid URL removed]
Floor Mats$30 – $50$30 – $50$30 – $50Buy Now: [invalid URL removed]
Seat Covers$50 – $100$50 – $100$50 – $100Buy Now: [invalid URL removed]
Steering Wheel Cover$15 – $25$15 – $25$15 – $25Buy Now: [invalid URL removed]
Phone Mount$10 – $20$10 – $20$10 – $20Buy Now: [invalid URL removed]
Air Intake System$100 – $200$100 – $200$100 – $200Buy Now: [invalid URL removed]
Exhaust System Upgrade$200 – $400$200 – $400$200 – $400Buy Now: [invalid URL removed]
Performance Suspension Kit$250 – $500$250 – $500$250 – $500Buy Now: [invalid URL removed]


Is the 2026 Toyota Starlet really coming back?

A: There are reports that Toyota is considering reviving the Starlet as a city car, but nothing is confirmed yet.

What type of car will the 2026 Starlet be?

A: Rumors suggest it will be a compact electric vehicle or hybrid, positioned below the Yaris in terms of size and price.

In which markets will the 2026 Starlet be available?

A: This information is unknown, but it might target regions with a demand for affordable and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Will the 2026 Starlet be offered with a gasoline engine?

A: It’s unlikely. Reports suggest it will be electric or hybrid, aligning with Toyota’s focus on electrification.

What will be the expected range of the electric Starlet?

A: This is unknown, but considering it’s a city car, a range of around 200-250 kilometers (125-155 miles) seems reasonable.

Will the 2026 Starlet offer performance driving dynamics?

A: The focus will likely be on practicality and efficiency rather than sporty handling.

What kind of technology features will the 2026 Starlet have?

A: Specifics are unknown, but Toyota will likely equip it with modern safety features and basic infotainment options.

Will the 2026 Starlet have advanced driver-assistance features?

A: Toyota might offer some advanced driver-assistance features, but it depends on the market and trim level.

How much will the 2026 Starlet cost?

A: The price of the 2026 Toyota Starlet is expected to start around $18,000 and go up to $23,000 – $25,000

When will the 2026 Starlet be available for purchase?

A: There’s no official release date. If the rumors are true, expect it sometime in 2026.

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