Tragedy at Henderson Walmart: 1 Fatally Shot, Heavy Police Presence

On Wednesday, a tragic incident unfolded at the Walmart store situated at 540 Marks St, Henderson, NV. Law enforcement agencies responded to reports of a shooting, initiating a homicide investigation.

Incident Details

Around 1 P.M., authorities received a distressing 911 call indicating a potential carjacking. Upon arrival, they discovered a deceased individual who had been fatally shot inside the Walmart store.

Police Response

Multiple law enforcement agencies swiftly arrived at the scene, prompting the Walmart location to be placed on lockdown as investigations commenced.

Current Status

As of now, the investigation into this incident is ongoing. The identity of the deceased victim has not yet been disclosed by authorities.

Community Alert

Local residents should avoid the area around the Walmart on Marks Street. They should do so until further notice. Police are still investigating there.

Developing Story

This is a developing story. We expect updates as police share more information.

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