Tragedy Strikes West Baltimore: Woman Killed by Stray Pit Bulls

Residents of a West Baltimore neighborhood feel shocked and scared. Following a fatal pit bull attack on a woman Friday evening, the incident occurred at 9 p.m. on North Pulaski Street. They have left residents with many questions and concerns.

Community Questions: “Why Weren’t the Dogs on Leashes?”

Residents like Tiara are asking why the dogs were not restrained. “It’s possible that more than one person died,” she said. She highlighted the community’s anxiety.

Fatal Attack: Details of the Incident

Police reported that the pit bulls mauled a 50-year-old woman, who had died at the scene. The dogs were roaming the area. They had attacked many women. This raised fears among neighbors. The neighbors believe it’s the dogs have an owner.

A Community on Edge: Concerns About Local Pit Bull Population

Marvin Cheatham is the president of the Matthew Henson Neighborhood Association. He pointed out the area’s many pit bulls. “We’ve got at least 30 pit bulls in this area, but they all belong to someone. There isn’t such a thing as stray people in the Western District,” he said.

Response and Capture Efforts

We sent more gear and staff in response to the attack. They’ve sent them across the city. A police helicopter tracked the dogs from above. Officers waited for animal control to arrive. Officers shot at one of the dogs, hitting it.

Coordinated Effort: Police Scanner Reveals the Chase

Scanner calls revealed the situation’s intensity. Officers were often out of breath while chasing the dogs and helping victims. “Everyone, take a deep breath. Let’s make a plan to shut down these dogs. No one should go into an alley alone,” an officer said.

Ongoing Concerns: Identifying the Dogs and Their Owner

Neighbors remain watchful. They are calling for more information to identify the dogs and their owner. They worry about the presence of other aggressive dogs in the area. “I’ve been here 73 years, and it’s not like the police don’t know who I am,” said Cheatham. “All we’re asking is for you to give us information so we can let your neighbors know what these dogs look like.”

Personal Stories: The Impact of Dog Attacks

Linda, a neighbor who chose to remain anonymous, shared her traumatic experience. A dog bit her years ago. “I still have marks on my arm,” she said. “It’s pray every day before you go out because you never know what will happen in the next minute.”

Ongoing Investigation

Baltimore police haven’t yet identified the dogs’ owner. They also haven’t announced any criminal charges. The investigation is still active. It’s ongoing. The community awaits answers to mitigate upcoming catastrophes.

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