Tragic Bengal Rail Accident: 8 Dead, 25 Injured as Goods Train Collides with Kanchanjunga Express

This morning, a tragic train crash happened in West Bengal’s Darjeeling district. It involved the Kanchanjunga Express. The train was on its way from Silchar to Sealdah. Sadly, a goods train hit it near Rangapani station, close to New Jalpaiguri. The crash claimed eight lives and left around 50 people injured.

Details of the Incident

In the crash, three Kanchanjunga Express coaches derailed. Luckily, the rear, including the cargo van and guard’s coach, took the brunt. This likely spared front passengers from more harm.

Response and Rescue Operations

Railway Board chairperson Jaya Verma Sinha confirmed the accident happened at 9 am. She also said rescue operations are done. The injured have been quickly taken to North Bengal Medical College for urgent care.

Government Action and Statements

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was deeply concerned about the incident. She quickly sent medical and disaster teams. Banerjee stressed the need for swift rescue, recovery, and medical help.

Continued Journey Plans

Despite the tragedy, the undamaged front of the Kanchanjunga Express is scheduled to resume soon. It aims to ensure passengers reach their destinations as fast as possible.


Investigations into the cause of the collision continue. Efforts remain focused on caring for the injured and supporting those affected by this incident in Darjeeling.

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