Tragic Death of Steve Crosby, Senior Manager at Southwest Airlines in San Diego, CA

Steve Crosby Death: The Dallas-based Southwest Airlines community is mourning the tragic and unexpected death of a longtime member, Steve Crosby, who passed away this week after a medical emergency. Crosby served as a Senior Manager at Southwest Airlines, dedicating over 23 years to the airline.

A Legacy of Loyalty and Dedication

Steve Crosby was widely recognized for his loyalty and dedication to his job. Colleagues described him as a man of his word, resilient, and family-oriented. His commitment to his work and his supportive nature left a lasting impact on everyone he interacted with.

A San Diego Native Remembered

Originally from San Diego, California, Steve Crosby continued to reside in his hometown throughout his life. His connection to San Diego and his contributions to the community were evident in the tributes shared by those who knew him.

Heartfelt Tributes from Friends and Colleagues

Johnson, an old classmate of Crosby, expressed his grief and admiration on Facebook, stating, “My heart is so broken right now! This one caught me by surprise. We had so many private conversations about what God was releasing into his life. He became a bonus son who always supported me in my ministry. Rest well, young King.”

Awaiting Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family of Steve Crosby will be releasing his obituary and funeral arrangements in due course. The Southwest Airlines community and all who knew him await these details to pay their respects and honor his memory.

Steve Crosby’s passing is a significant loss to his family, friends, colleagues, and the wider community. His legacy of dedication, resilience, and support will be remembered and cherished by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

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