Wordle Answer and Hints – June 19

Hey Wordle fans! Whether you’re here for the daily solution or tips to crack today’s puzzle, we’ve got you covered.

Origins and Popularity

Where did Wordle come from? Wordle was originally a heartfelt gift created by engineer Josh Wardle for his partner. Since then, it has exploded into a global sensation, inspiring spin-offs like Squabble and Heardle, and even catching the eye of the New York Times.

Strategic Tips for Wordle

Choosing the Best Starting Word The key to a good start in Wordle is picking a word with diverse vowels (at least two) and common consonants like S, T, R, or N.

Updates and Features

Changes Over Time Despite perceptions, Wordle’s difficulty hasn’t changed much. For those seeking a challenge, Hard Mode is always an option.

Today’s Wordle Solution

Hint for Today’s Answer “He is a man of many words.”

Answer Details

  • Word Length: 5 letters
  • First Letter: T
  • Double Letter: None
  • Solution: TERSE


Didn’t crack it today? Don’t worry! Tomorrow brings a new challenge and more chances to sharpen your Wordle skills.

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