Allan Saxe, Former UTA Professor and North Texas Philanthropist, Dies; Arlington Independence Day Parade Mourns

Allan Saxe Arlington TX Death: Allan Saxe, a beloved former UTA professor and philanthropist, has died. He was renowned for his community contributions, especially supporting Arlington’s homeless.

A Legacy of Compassion and Service

Founding Member of Arlington Life Shelter

As a founding member of the Arlington Life Shelter, Allan Saxe was dedicated to helping those in need. His generous donations and active involvement aimed to pave the way to self-sufficiency for many in the community. Saxe’s commitment to easing the burden of the homeless was evident in his continuous support and advocacy.

Who Was Allan Saxe?

Allan Saxe was more than a professor; he was an educator and philanthropist. He taught at UTA and Tarrant County College, leaving a lasting impact on students. His wisdom and humor inspired many. In his TedX talk, Saxe shared his perspective on philanthropy, finding joy in giving away his money. His goal was to validate his life and help others.

Tributes from the Community

Arlington Independence Day Parade

The Arlington Independence Day Parade board expressed sorrow over Dr. Allan Saxe’s passing. Dr. Saxe was a longtime philanthropist who gave much to this community. He taught at UTA and TCC. Dr. Saxe and his wife Ruthie Brock were 2019’s Grand Marshals. The board sends condolences to Dr. Saxe’s family and friends.

Reflections from Kerri Lansford Ressl

Kerri Lansford Ressl shared a heartfelt tribute to Dr. Allan Saxe. She worked with Ruthie Brock at UTA Libraries. Dr. Saxe was a former UTA professor and North Texas philanthropist. His TedX talk explored his perspective on philanthropy. He gave away his money to validate his life. Kerri was one of the people he offered money to. He funded the Dr. Allan Saxe Christmas Tree creation. His legacy will be unmatched in my lifetime. He’ll be remembered for servant leadership and making a difference.

Remembering Allan Saxe

Allan Saxe’s death marks the end of a remarkable journey of generosity and service. His contributions to education and philanthropy have left an indelible mark on North Texas. Saxe’s legacy will continue to inspire future generations to embrace the spirit of giving and community service.

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