Drunk Driver Crashes Into Cone at Cone King in West Seneca, NY

Kone King Car Accident: Police in West Seneca, New York, are investigating a car accident that occurred early Monday morning, June 17, 2024. According to reports, a drunk driver crashed into the infamous cone at Cone King.

Incident Details

Authorities responded to Union Road following a report of a motorist passed out in the driver’s seat of a running vehicle. Upon arrival, police found a man behind the wheel who exhibited signs of intoxication, including a strong smell of alcohol and incoherent speech. The driver was reportedly drooling and unable to respond to investigators’ questions.

Impact on Cone King

Kone King Statement: The management of Cone King expressed relief that no one was seriously injured in the accident. They reassured the community that despite the damage to their iconic cone, they remain open for business until 10 PM.

Vigilant Fire Company Response: Members from the Vigilant Fire Company responded to the scene where the car had struck the building at Cone King. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported among bystanders or the driver. However, due to hazardous conditions caused by the collision, the iconic “Kone” had to be removed.

Community Response and Continuity

Despite the incident, Cone King remains operational and open to customers. The community expressed support and relief that everyone involved escaped serious harm. The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of impaired driving and the importance of road safety.

Police Investigation

Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash. They are likely to conduct further inquiries into the driver’s condition and actions leading up to the incident.


The accident at Cone King highlights the resilience of the community and the importance of safety measures on the road. Authorities and businesses are working together to ensure that such incidents do not disrupt normal activities or endanger public safety.

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