How Many Kids Does Drake Have?

Drake is a major figure in music. He’s known for his skills as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. His collection includes four Grammys, six American Music Awards, and 27 Billboard Music Awards. His impact is clear.

Despite his fame, Drake keeps his personal life private. But, some details about his family have emerged. For example, he has a son, Adonis Graham, with Sophie Brussaux. She was once an adult film actress. Adonis was born on October 11, 2017. There are rumors about Drake having more children, but nothing is confirmed.

In this article, we’ll look into Drake’s children. We’ll explore their living arrangements, education, and potential business ties. Join us as we peek into this lesser-known part of Drake’s life.

Adonis Graham

Drake’s son, Adonis Graham, was born on October 11, 2017, to Sophie Brussaux, an artist and former adult film star. Initially, Drake stayed quiet about being Adonis’ father. He only confirmed it in his 2018 album Scorpion.

Now, Adonis is five and lives with his mother in France. Drake has admitted it’s tough to be far from his son. But, he’s still very much a part of Adonis’ life.

We know little about Adonis’ education. He’s likely not in school yet. We don’t know if he’ll go to school in France, Canada, or the United States.

As for business, Adonis isn’t involved in any activities. He’s just a child for now. However, that might change as he grows up. Right now, he’s focused on enjoying his childhood.

Rumored Other Children

When news broke about Drake’s hidden son with Sophie Brussaux, rumors of more secret children began to swirl. Yet, none of these rumors have been proven.

Among the rumored potential children of Drake are:

  1. A baby girl in Texas: In January 2017, there were text messages circulating that claimed Drake had impregnated a porn star in Texas. However, no confirmation of this claim was ever made.
  2. A baby with a model in New York: Similar rumors emerged in January 2017, alleging that Drake had gotten an Instagram model pregnant. Once again, there was no official confirmation of this rumor.
  3. A baby from a woman in Atlanta: Unverified reports in May 2017 suggested that Drake had offered a woman from Atlanta $10,000 for an abortion. However, Drake’s representatives denied these claims.
  4. A baby from a woman in the UK: Rumors circulated that Drake had fathered a child with a woman he met during his Boy Meets World Tour in the UK in 2017. However, like the other rumors, this remains unconfirmed.

Approach these rumors with caution and skepticism. They are only based on speculation and gossip. Until concrete evidence backs these claims, Adonis is the only child of Drake known to the public.

Kendrick Lamar’s allegation

Kendrick Lamar’s diss track, “Meet the Grahams,” caused a stir by claiming Drake has a secret daughter. The song suggests Drake fathered her over a decade ago. Lamar also criticized Drake for allegedly ignoring his child in favor of his career.

Drake’s previous efforts to keep his son, Adonis, out of the spotlight made this claim particularly damaging. However, Drake promptly denied the allegations, calling them lies. He hinted that Lamar was misled. Drake even made light of the situation on social media, joking about finding his “supposed” hidden daughter. This move helped to dismiss the rumor.

Where Do Drake’s Children Live?

Drake’s son, Adonis, lives in France with his mother, Sophie. Some reports suggest Adonis might also spend time in Toronto, Drake’s hometown, to see his father more.

If Drake has more children, their living arrangements and custody details will be kept private and confidential.

Drake wants to strengthen his bond with Adonis, despite his busy travel and tour schedule. He’s committed to bridging the distance between them.

It’s uncertain if Sophie would move to Canada or the U.S. to make visits easier. Her family and career ties in France might make moving challenging.

Living on different continents is hard for Drake and Adonis. As Adonis gets older, it might be easier to reduce the distance. Only time will show how their relationship will grow.

What Education are Drake’s Children Receiving?

Adonis is only five, so he’s still early in his childhood learning. He probably hasn’t started formal schooling yet. In many countries, kids start primary school at six.

As for Adonis’s education, it’s unclear where he’ll go to school. He might attend school in France, given his mom Sophie is French. Or, with Drake’s Canadian roots, he might go to school in Toronto.

If Drake has more kids, their education will likely be private too. But it’s safe to assume he’ll prioritize giving all his kids access to top-quality education. With his wealth, he can ensure they get the best schooling, no matter where they live.

Possible educational options for Drake’s children include:

1. Private schools: Drake might choose private school. It offers small classes, great teachers, and top facilities. With his wealth, he can attend elite private schools.

2. International/boarding schools: Drake’s children could attend top international boarding schools. They provide a great education while keeping ties to Canada or France.

3. Homeschooling: Given Drake’s demanding schedule, homeschooling with the assistance of tutors during tours or travels could be considered. However, this option may require careful consideration and approval from all parties involved.

4. Public schools: Drake or Adonis’s mother may favor regular public schools. They seek a down-to-earth approach, free of elitism. Drake also briefly attended public school.

Overall, Drake’s children will have access to exceptional educational opportunities. These will be tailored to their needs and circumstances. This will ensure they get the best schooling possible.

Do Any of Drake’s Children Have Business Ventures?

Adonis, at 5 years old, isn’t involved in business. It’s rare for a child his age to start a business.

If Drake had older children, they might show early interest in business. However, being minors, their activities would be limited. They could work in family businesses.

As they get older, Drake’s children could start small businesses. For example, they might sell products or offer services.

Entertainment Business:

Drake’s success in music and entertainment may inspire his children. They could choose to follow his path. As they grow up, they might explore many areas in the entertainment world.

1. A music career: They could sing, rap, produce, or write songs. Drake’s kids could enter the world of music and continue his legacy.

2. Acting/modeling career: Drake has a background in acting. His children may pursue acting or modeling. They can use their inherited talent and charisma.

3. Starting a media company: Their father is an expert in the industry. With his help, Drake’s kids could start their own media company. They could start a music label or a production company. These companies would help new talent grow and make great content.

4. Entertainment investment and ventures: Drake had an entrepreneurial spirit. His children might explore investment opportunities. They could invest in the entertainment sector, backing promising media brands and ventures.

Marketing and Endorsements:

Drake’s fame could open doors for his children in marketing and endorsements. They might earn by:

1. Promoting brands on social media platforms, leveraging their influence and reach to endorse products and services.

2. Appearing in commercials and advertisements, lending their star power to brand campaigns across various media channels.

3. Launching their own product lines, such as clothing, perfume, or accessories, capitalizing on their personal brand and style.

4. Promoting youth-focused products as influencers, engaging with younger demographics and aligning with brands catering to youth culture.

Investing Drake’s Wealth:

Adonis and any other children of Drake might inherit his $250 million wealth. This could open doors in the business world.

1. Investing Drake’s wealth in startups and businesses, strategically allocating funds to promising ventures and emerging industries.

2. Managing or expanding Drake’s investment portfolio, ensuring prudent financial management and seeking out profitable opportunities.

3. Purchasing real estate as an investment, leveraging Drake’s financial resources to acquire property and generate passive income.

4. Engaging in philanthropy by establishing and managing a charitable foundation, contributing to causes aligned with their values and making a positive impact on society.

Overall, Drake’s young children are not in business now. But, they have the resources, connections, and potential to get into business later in life, if they choose.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drake’s Kids

How many children does Drake have?
Drake has one confirmed child – a son named Adonis Graham, who is 5 years old. Rumors of Drake having up to 4 additional secret children have circulated but remain unverified.

Who is the mother of Drake’s child?
Sophie Brussaux, a French artist and former adult film star, is the mother of Drake’s son Adonis. They conceived Adonis in 2017.

Does Drake have full custody of his son?
No, Drake shares custody with Sophie Brussaux. Adonis primarily resides with his mother in France, and Drake sees him but not as frequently as he would like.

What is the name of Drake’s son?
Drake’s son with Sophie Brussaux is named Adonis Mahbed Graham. He was born on October 11, 2017.

Where does Drake’s son live?
Adonis resides primarily with his mother Sophie Brussaux in France. However, Drake has indicated that Adonis may split his time between France and Drake’s native Toronto, Canada.

Is Drake married to his child’s mother?
No, Drake is not currently in a relationship with Sophie Brussaux. Although they briefly dated in 2017 when Adonis was conceived, they are not a couple at present.

Does Drake pay child support?
While the details of Drake’s child support arrangements are private, it is highly likely that he provides support to Sophie Brussaux for Adonis as his legal child, given Drake’s significant net worth of $250 million.

How old is Drake’s child?
As of 2023, Drake’s son Adonis is 5 years old, having been born on October 11, 2017.

What does Adonis call Drake?
It is unclear what Adonis calls Drake, as Drake has stated that he wants Adonis to address him in a manner that feels natural as they develop their father-son relationship.

Does Drake have custody?
Drake shares joint custody with Sophie Brussaux and spends time with his son Adonis. However, Adonis primarily resides in France with his mother.

Does Drake have a daughter?
While Kendrick Lamar alleges in his diss track “Meet the Grahams” that Drake has a hidden daughter, this claim has not been confirmed, and Drake has denied it.


Drake is a top artist in today’s music. He keeps his personal life private. However, it’s known he’s a father to Adonis Graham, a five-year-old who lives in France with his mother.

Drake has hinted at wanting more kids, but Adonis is his only confirmed child. Rumors of more kids exist, but Drake hasn’t confirmed them.

Adonis is focused on being a kid. He hasn’t started school or business pursuits. His education, whether in France, Canada, or elsewhere, is a future question. With his dad’s fame, Adonis might follow his path.

Drake aims to be more involved in Adonis’s life. He plans to provide the best education and opportunities. Despite complex family relationships, Drake ensures his kids are always cared for.

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