Ted Butler death: Independent Silver Analyst and Founder of Butler Research, LLC Passes Away

Ted Butler death: Ted Butler’s passing has deeply affected the financial community. He was a key figure in fighting silver market manipulation. For decades, Butler analyzed the Commitment of Traders Report and other official data. He uncovered and highlighted evidence of manipulation.

Who Was Ted Butler?

Ted Butler was a respected Silver Analyst. He focused on precious metals, especially silver. Since 1996, he shared key insights through Butler Research, LLC. His analysis included regulatory changes, supply and demand, and investor advice for the silver market.

Tributes and Legacy

Friends and colleagues deeply praised Ted Butler for his work in the silver market. He fought for a free and fair market. Despite health issues, he kept going. Eventually, his company, Butler Research, LLC, closed. Ted’s legacy as a bold advocate and educator in the silver industry will inspire many.

Reflections on Ted’s Impact

After Ted’s death, people thought about his impact and work. He fought against manipulation and pushed for transparency. This message resonated with his supporters. They saw him not just as a leader, but also as a force for change in the silver industry. Ted’s spirit and dedication will be remembered. His contributions are essential. They have shaped the discussion on silver investment and market integrity.


Ted Butler was more than a Silver Analyst. He stood for integrity and fairness in financial markets. We mourn his loss but also celebrate his impact on the silver community. His commitment to truth and justice will guide those striving for market transparency.

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