Mercer County, WV Shooting Leaves One Injured, Hospitalized

A violent fight at the Days Inn in Princeton, West Virginia, has resulted in a shooting. The fight involved members of the same family. It left four people hospitalized.

Details of the Incident

Lieutenant Steven Sommers of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office says the shooting erupted between two family members at a gathering. It escalated into gunfire that injured three bystanders and one of the shooters.

Nature of Injuries

Among the injured bystanders is a child, highlighting the severity and indiscriminate nature of the gunfire.

Status of Perpetrators

One of the shooters has been transported to the hospital for treatment, while the other remains at large. The authorities have located the vehicle associated with the suspects but have not disclosed its whereabouts.

Response and Support

Emergency response teams are at the scene. They include the Princeton Rescue Squad, Bluefield Rescue Squad, and West Virginia State Police. They are managing the aftermath of the incident.

Timeline and Initial Response

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department got the call at 7:56 p.m. It led to a fast response to the chaotic situation at or near the Days Inn conference facility.

Ongoing Investigation

Police continue to investigate the shooting. They are focusing on catching the remaining suspect and keeping the public in the area safe.


The shooting at Days Inn in Princeton has shocked the local community. Authorities are working hard to piece together the events before the violence and to bring all those responsible to justice.

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