Will Lord Twombley from Cressida Cowper’s Book Verse Appear in Bridgerton?

Cressida Cowper is played by Jessica Madsen. She debuts in Season 3 of Bridgerton. She plays a young noblewoman navigating London’s social season amid financial challenges.

Deviation from Julia Quinn’s Novels

Unlike the books, Cressida’s romantic fate diverges in the Netflix series, leaving her future uncertain by the season’s end.

Complex Relationships and Friendships

In Season 3, Cressida forms a close friendship with Eloise Bridgerton. This sparks fan speculation about their dynamic.

Introducing Lord Twombley: Book vs. Series

In Julia Quinn’s novels, Cressida marries Lord Twombley, a character absent from the Netflix adaptation thus far.

New Characters and Plot Twists

Lord Debling’s introduction adds new dynamics. It complicates Cressida’s pursuit of love amid social pressures.

Future Speculations and Fan Theories

Fans wonder if Lord Twombley might appear in future seasons. They also wonder how Cressida’s story will change. It could include a queer plot.

Jessica Madsen’s Impact and Personal Revelations

Jessica Madsen’s portrayal has gotten attention. Her personal life adds interest to her character’s development.


As Bridgerton progresses, Cressida Cowper’s journey promises more intrigue and surprises. It will keep viewers captivated by her changing story in the lively world of Regency London.

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