Micah Stephen Williams, Son of Katt Williams and Quadirah Locus

Micah Stephen Williams, known for Emmett in Disney’s Good Luck Charlie, started in Long Beach, California, on February 16, 1991. His parents are comedian Katt Williams and Quadirah Locus. He entered acting at an early age. His first role was in The Pretender in 2000. Soon, he landed parts in movies like Bruce Almighty (2003) and Jump In!.

In The Challenger (2015), Williams showed his acting range. His talent earned him a Young Artist Award nomination for The Ron Clark Story (2006).

Although he’s taken a break from acting, Williams is still loved by Good Luck Charlie fans. His early success and talent have left a lasting impact on the industry.

Micah Stephen Williams

Micah Stephen Williams’ Father 

Micah Stephen Williams, a talented actor, comes from an entertainment family. His father, Katt Williams, is a well-known actor and comedian. Katt, originally from Cincinnati and raised in Dayton, Ohio, is famous for his roles, especially in the movie “Friday After Next.”

Katt is the father of ten children, mixing biological and adopted. His comedy has earned him fame and fans across the US. Now in Los Angeles, he continues to influence the industry and his kids.

Inspired by his dad, Micah stepped into the entertainment world. He acts to honor his father’s legacy and build his own career. Together, they are a talented family, showcasing their love for the arts.

Micah Stephen Williams’ Mother

Micah Stephen Williams’ family is rooted in entertainment. His mother, Quadirah Locus, became known through her marriage to actor Katt Williams. They had Micah, kickstarting their fame journey.

Quadirah, an African-American woman with a private life, was key in raising Micah. She supported him financially and emotionally. After splitting from Katt in 1995, she stayed involved in Micah’s life, nurturing his entertainment dreams.

Katt Williams, a successful actor and comedian, is worth around $5 million in 2024. He also guides Micah. Micah has taken on various film roles, including as a second assistant director on “Pinewood” in 2011.

Micah is now engaged to Raven Goodwin, known for her role in “Good Luck Charlie.” Their relationship strengthens ties in the entertainment industry. It shows their shared love for the arts and a promising future in creative work.

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