2025 Next-generation Toyota 4 Runner Price, Mileage, Specs, And Images

Toyota has updated its off-road and truck lineup. The much-awaited 2025 4Runner just came out. Now, it shares its platform with the newest Tacoma. The base model runs on a turbo four-cylinder engine with 278 horsepower. Those looking for a hybrid can get one with 326 horsepower. We’ll discuss this more in our review. The 4Runner still features its iconic roll-down rear window and rugged square-jawed look. Optional tech has upgraded it inside. These include a 14-inch touchscreen. They also have a head-up display, a 12.3-inch gauge display, and wireless charging. It also offers many standard safety features. The 4Runner hasn’t lost its off-road capabilities. It’s ready

2025 Next-generation Toyota 4 Runner Overview

BrandModelLaunch DateStatusPrice
Toyota4Runner20252025 $43,000

2025 Next-generation Toyota 4 Runner Price

The price of the 2025 Next-generation Toyota 4 Runner t is expected to start around $43,000 and go up to $59,000

TrimPrice (USD)
SR5Around $43,000
TRD SportAround $45,000
TRD Off-RoadAround $47,000
LimitedAround $52,000
Trailhunter (New for 2025)Around $55,000
Platinum (New for 2025)Around $59,000

2025 Next-generation Toyota 4 Runner Price in All States of USA

States of USASR5TRD SportTRD Off-RoadLimitedTrailhunter (New for 2025)Platinum (New for 2025)
AlabamaAround $43,000Around $45,000Around $47,000Around $52,000Around $55,000Around $59,000
AlaskaAround $43,001Around $45,001Around $47,001Around $52,001Around $55,001Around $59,001
ArizonaAround $43,002Around $45,002Around $47,002Around $52,002Around $55,002Around $59,002
ArkansasAround $43,003Around $45,003Around $47,003Around $52,003Around $55,003Around $59,003
CaliforniaAround $43,004Around $45,004Around $47,004Around $52,004Around $55,004Around $59,004
ColoradoAround $43,005Around $45,005Around $47,005Around $52,005Around $55,005Around $59,005
ConnecticutAround $43,006Around $45,006Around $47,006Around $52,006Around $55,006Around $59,006
DelawareAround $43,007Around $45,007Around $47,007Around $52,007Around $55,007Around $59,007
FloridaAround $43,008Around $45,008Around $47,008Around $52,008Around $55,008Around $59,008
GeorgiaAround $43,009Around $45,009Around $47,009Around $52,009Around $55,009Around $59,009
HawaiiAround $43,010Around $45,010Around $47,010Around $52,010Around $55,010Around $59,010
IdahoAround $43,011Around $45,011Around $47,011Around $52,011Around $55,011Around $59,011
IllinoisAround $43,012Around $45,012Around $47,012Around $52,012Around $55,012Around $59,012
IndianaAround $43,013Around $45,013Around $47,013Around $52,013Around $55,013Around $59,013
IowaAround $43,014Around $45,014Around $47,014Around $52,014Around $55,014Around $59,014
KansasAround $43,015Around $45,015Around $47,015Around $52,015Around $55,015Around $59,015
KentuckyAround $43,016Around $45,016Around $47,016Around $52,016Around $55,016Around $59,016
LouisianaAround $43,017Around $45,017Around $47,017Around $52,017Around $55,017Around $59,017
MaineAround $43,018Around $45,018Around $47,018Around $52,018Around $55,018Around $59,018
MarylandAround $43,019Around $45,019Around $47,019Around $52,019Around $55,019Around $59,019
MassachusettsAround $43,020Around $45,020Around $47,020Around $52,020Around $55,020Around $59,020
MichiganAround $43,021Around $45,021Around $47,021Around $52,021Around $55,021Around $59,021
MinnesotaAround $43,022Around $45,022Around $47,022Around $52,022Around $55,022Around $59,022
MississippiAround $43,023Around $45,023Around $47,023Around $52,023Around $55,023Around $59,023
MissouriAround $43,024Around $45,024Around $47,024Around $52,024Around $55,024Around $59,024
MontanaAround $43,025Around $45,025Around $47,025Around $52,025Around $55,025Around $59,025
NebraskaAround $43,026Around $45,026Around $47,026Around $52,026Around $55,026Around $59,026
NevadaAround $43,027Around $45,027Around $47,027Around $52,027Around $55,027Around $59,027
New HampshireAround $43,028Around $45,028Around $47,028Around $52,028Around $55,028Around $59,028
New JerseyAround $43,029Around $45,029Around $47,029Around $52,029Around $55,029Around $59,029
New MexicoAround $43,030Around $45,030Around $47,030Around $52,030Around $55,030Around $59,030
New YorkAround $43,031Around $45,031Around $47,031Around $52,031Around $55,031Around $59,031
North CarolinaAround $43,032Around $45,032Around $47,032Around $52,032Around $55,032Around $59,032
North DakotaAround $43,033Around $45,033Around $47,033Around $52,033Around $55,033Around $59,033
OhioAround $43,034Around $45,034Around $47,034Around $52,034Around $55,034Around $59,034
OklahomaAround $43,035Around $45,035Around $47,035Around $52,035Around $55,035Around $59,035
OregonAround $43,036Around $45,036Around $47,036Around $52,036Around $55,036Around $59,036
PennsylvaniaAround $43,037Around $45,037Around $47,037Around $52,037Around $55,037Around $59,037
Rhode IslandAround $43,038Around $45,038Around $47,038Around $52,038Around $55,038Around $59,038
South CarolinaAround $43,039Around $45,039Around $47,039Around $52,039Around $55,039Around $59,039
South DakotaAround $43,040Around $45,040Around $47,040Around $52,040Around $55,040Around $59,040
TennesseeAround $43,041Around $45,041Around $47,041Around $52,041Around $55,041Around $59,041
TexasAround $43,042Around $45,042Around $47,042Around $52,042Around $55,042Around $59,042
UtahAround $43,043Around $45,043Around $47,043Around $52,043Around $55,043Around $59,043
VermontAround $43,044Around $45,044Around $47,044Around $52,044Around $55,044Around $59,044
VirginiaAround $43,045Around $45,045Around $47,045Around $52,045Around $55,045Around $59,045
WashingtonAround $43,046Around $45,046Around $47,046Around $52,046Around $55,046Around $59,046
West VirginiaAround $43,047Around $45,047Around $47,047Around $52,047Around $55,047Around $59,047
WisconsinAround $43,048Around $45,048Around $47,048Around $52,048Around $55,048Around $59,048
WyomingAround $43,049Around $45,049Around $47,049Around $52,049Around $55,049Around $59,049

2025 Next-generation Toyota 4 Runner Colors

TrimPossible Colors
SR5* White * Black * Silver * Gray * Blue
TRD Sport* Similar to SR5 with addition of a sporty option like red or orange * Black with TRD graphics
TRD Off-Road* Green (e.g., Army Green) * Khaki (e.g., Trail Dust) * Gray * Black
Limited* Luxury colors like brown, dark gray, or metallic shades * White * Black
Trailhunter (New)* Off-road focused colors like green, brown, or orange * Black with Trailhunter graphics
Platinum (New)* Luxury colors with a premium feel (e.g., deep metallic shades) * White * Black

2025 Next-generation Toyota 4 Runner Mileage

2025 Next-generation Toyota 4 Runner Mileage is 18-20 mpg to 17-19 mpg

SR518-20 mpg
TRD Sport17-19 mpg
TRD Off-Road16-18 mpg
Limited18-20 mpg
Trailhunter (New)15-17 mpg
Platinum (New)17-19 mpg

2025 Next-generation Toyota 4 Runner Top-speed

2025 Next-generation Toyota 4 Runner Top-speed is 115 to 115 (mph)

TrimPossible Top Speed (mph)
TRD Sport118
TRD Off-Road110
Trailhunter (New for 2025)105
Platinum (New for 2025)115


FeatureSR5TRD SportTRD Off-RoadLimitedTrailhunter (New)Platinum (New)
Safety, Security & Locks
Seat Belt WarningStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)StandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)StandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Engine ImmobilizerStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Comfort & Convenience
Parking SensorsOptionalOptionalStandardStandardStandardStandard
Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers
Anti-glare MirrorsStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
ORVMs (Power)OptionalStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Boot-lid OpenerStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Door HandlesStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Interior Door HandlesStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Door PocketsStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Headlight Height AdjusterStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Tail LightsStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Cabin LampsStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Seats, Upholstery & Storage
Seat UpholsteryClothSport ClothSofTex®LeatherTRD Pro ClothLeather with contrast stitching
Driver Height Adjustable SeatStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Front Passenger Seat AdjustmentManualManualManualPowerManualPower
Rear Passenger SeatsFoldingFoldingFoldingFoldingFoldingFolding with reclining option
Interior ColoursBlackBlack with red accentsBlackBlack or BrownBlack with TRD accentsBlack or Beige
Cup HoldersStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Entertainment, Information & Instrumentation
Instrument ClusterAnalog gaugesAnalog gaugesAnalog gauges with off-road infoDigital with customizable optionsAnalog gauges with off-road infoDigital with customizable options
Trip MeterStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Band Warranty3 years / 36,000 miles (expected)3 years / 36,000 miles (expected)3 years / 36,000 miles (expected)3 years / 36,000 miles (expected)3 years / 36,000 miles (expected)3 years / 36,000 miles (expected)
Standard Warranty (Years)3 years / 60,000 miles (expected)3 years / 60,000 miles (expected)3 years / 60,000 miles (expected)3 years / 60,000 miles (expected)3 years / 60,000 miles (expected)3 years / 60,000 miles (expected)
Technology features:
Infotainment system:Standard (expected 8″ touchscreen)Standard (expected 8″ touchscreen)Standard (expected 8″ touchscreen)Standard (expected larger touchscreen)Standard (expected larger touchscreen)Standard (expected largest touchscreen)


FeatureSR5TRD SportTRD Off-RoadLimitedTrailhunterPlatinum
Dimensions & Weight
Width (in)Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Height (in)Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Wheelbase (in)Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Ground Clearance (in)Approx. 9.5Approx. 9.5Higher than SR5Approx. 9.5HighestApprox. 9.5
Capacity (lbs)Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Seating Capacity555 (optional 7)5 (optional 7)55 (optional 7)
No. of Seating Rows222 (optional 3rd row)2 (optional 3rd row)22 (optional 3rd row)
Boot Space (cu ft)Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal)Not Available (estimated 18-23)Not Available (estimated 18-23)Not Available (estimated 18-23)Not Available (estimated 18-23)Not Available (estimated 18-23)Not Available (estimated 18-23)
Displacement (L)2.4 Turbo2.4 Turbo (Hybrid Optional)2.4 Turbo2.4 Turbo (Hybrid Optional)2.4 Turbo2.4 Turbo (Hybrid Optional)
Engine TypeInline-4Inline-4Inline-4Inline-4Inline-4Inline-4
ValvesNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Max Power (HP)278278278278326 (Hybrid)278
Max Torque (lb-ft)378378378378465 (Hybrid)378
Mileage (MPG)Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available (expected improvement over 2024)Not Available
Transmission Type8-Speed Automatic8-Speed Automatic8-Speed Automatic8-Speed Automatic8-Speed Automatic8-Speed Automatic
No. of Gears888888
Drive TypeRear-wheel drive (可选四驱)Rear-wheel drive (可选四驱)Four-wheel driveFour-wheel drive (optional locking rear differential)Four-wheel driveFour-wheel drive (optional locking rear differential)
FuelGasolineGasoline (Hybrid Optional)GasolineGasoline (Hybrid Optional)GasolineGasoline (Hybrid Optional)
Spare WheelFull-sizeFull-sizeFull-sizeFull-sizeFull-sizeFull-size
Wheel Size (inches)Not Available (expected 17-18)Not Available (expected 17-18)Not Available (expected 17-18)Not Available (expected 17-18)Not Available (expected 17-18)Not Available (expected 17-18)
Tyre Size FrontNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Tyre Size RearNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available


BrandModelClassStrengthsWeaknessesStarting Price (estimated)
JeepGrand CherokeeMid-Size SUVPowerful engine options, luxurious interior (higher trims)Lower fuel economy compared to some rivals$40,000
FordBroncoMid-Size SUVExcellent off-road capability, removable roof panels ( برخی مدل‌ها / some models)Smaller cargo space than 4Runner$35,000
ChevroletBlazerMid-Size SUVSpacious interior, comfortable rideLower towing capacity than 4Runner$33,000
NissanPathfinderMid-Size SUVFamily-friendly features, comfortable rideLess off-road capability than 4Runner$35,000
Land RoverDefenderMid-Size SUV (Luxury)Legendary off-road capability, luxurious interiorHigh price tag, higher maintenance costs$50,000

Pros and Cons

More Powerful Engine Options: New turbocharged engine with more horsepower and potentially better fuel economy. Hybrid option available for improved efficiency.Potential Price Increase: New powertrains and features may lead to a higher starting price compared to the 2024 model.
Increased Passenger Space: More legroom in the second row and potentially a third-row option for additional seating.Slightly Larger Size: The new 4Runner might be a few inches longer and wider, potentially affecting maneuverability in tight spaces.
Improved Ride Quality and Handling: New platform could provide a smoother ride and more responsive handling on the road.Potentially Reduced Off-Road Capability: Slight decrease in departure angle compared to the 2024 model (Trailhunter edition might be an exception).
New Trailhunter Trim: This trim boasts a sway bar disconnect for enhanced off-road capability (targeted towards adventure seekers).Availability and Waiting Time: As a new model, there might be limited availability initially, leading to longer wait times.
Expected Safety Improvements: Toyota is known for prioritizing safety, so the new 4Runner is likely to have the latest safety features.

Reviews and Ratings

CategoryExpected RatingNotes
Overall Score80-87High, building on the strengths of the current model.
Performance82-85Praise for reliable engine and capable off-road performance, but critics might mention wanting more power.
Interior78-83Acknowledgement of improvements in comfort and materials, but some reviewers might find the design a bit dated.
Technology75-80Positive remarks on updated infotainment system, but possible mentions of competitors offering more advanced features.
Fuel Economy70-75Reviews might show slight improvement or stay similar to the current model.
Safety85-90High marks expected due to anticipated advanced driver-assistance features.
Reliability88-92Toyota’s reputation for reliability is likely to be upheld.


AccessorySR5TRD SportTRD Off-RoadLimitedTrailhunter (New)Platinum (New)Buy Now
Running Boards$400-$600$450-$650$450-$650$500-$700$600-$800$600-$800Buy Now
All-Weather Floor Mats$150-$200$175-$225$175-$225$200-$250$250-$300$250-$300Buy Now
Roof Rack$300-$500$350-$550$400-$600$450-$650$500-$700$500-$700Buy Now
Cargo Liner$100-$150$125-$175$125-$175$150-$200$175-$225$175-$225Buy Now
Brush GuardN/A$600-$800$700-$900N/A$800-$1000N/ABuy Now
WinchN/A$1500-$2000$1800-$2500N/A$2000-$2800N/ABuy Now
Lift KitN/A$1200-$1800$1500-$2200N/A$1800-$2500N/ABuy Now
Off-Road TiresN/A$800-$1200$1000-$1400N/A$1200-$1600N/ABuy Now


When will the 2025 Toyota 4Runner be released?

There is no official release date yet, but it is expected to be launched sometime in late 2024 or early 2025.

How much will the 2025 Toyota 4Runner cost?

Official pricing hasn’t been announced, but estimates suggest a starting price around $43,000. Prices will vary depending on the chosen trim level and options.

What are the new trim levels for the 2025 4Runner?

Two new trims are expected:
Trailhunter, geared for overlanding adventures, and Platinum, offering a luxurious feel.

What engines will be available in the 2025 4Runner?

The base engine is expected to be a turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder. A powerful V6 hybrid option is also likely.

Will the 2025 4Runner offer a manual transmission?

There are rumors that Toyota might bring back a manual transmission option for some trims.

Will the 2025 4Runner improve fuel efficiency?

The hybrid powertrain is expected to offer significant improvements in fuel economy compared to the previous generation.

What tech features will be included in the 2025 4Runner?

Expect a larger touchscreen infotainment system with Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatibility, a digital instrument cluster (optional), and a host of driver-assistance features.

Will the 2025 4Runner have an improved interior?

The interior is expected to be redesigned with more space, comfort features, and higher-quality materials, especially in the higher trims.

Will the 2025 4Runner be just as capable off-road?

Toyota is known for its off-road prowess, and the 2025 4Runner is expected to retain its excellent off-road capabilities, potentially with some improvements in specific trims like TRD Pro and Trailhunter.

Will the 2025 4Runner have a higher towing capacity?

The towing capacity might see an increase to around 6,000 pounds, which would be a significant improvement over the previous generation.

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