Scarlettkissesxo Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Scarlettkissesxo, a talented young woman, has become a social media sensation with her charm and voice. At 26, she has won the hearts of many on platforms like TikTok. Her beauty, physique, and entertaining videos have earned her a big following.

Born on May 6, 1997, Scarlettkissesxo has succeeded in modeling and social media. She is also a singer and a comedian known for her humor. Curious about her age, height, weight, relationships, or family? Want to know more about her life? This is the right place.

Let’s explore the life of Scarlettkissesxo and what makes her so popular in the digital world.

Who is Scarlettkissesxo?

Scarlettkissesxo is a lively internet figure. She charms people globally with her personality and talent. Her main stage is TikTok. There, her humorous videos and singing voice have won a huge audience.

She began sharing videos and photos online. Quickly, her likeable content gained traction. Not just a social media star, she’s also a successful model known for her stunning photos and looks. Her path to fame showcases her hard work.

But there’s more to her than just beauty. She is intelligent, kind, and deeply cares for her fans. She aims to spread joy. Her videos not only entertain but also help her connect with a wide audience.

Scarlettkissesxo is a role model. She inspires both the young and adults. Her success story underlines the importance of talent, hard work, and a genuine bond with your audience.


Quick Facts

Real NameLayla Rayne
Nick NameSscarlett kisses, Alyson Taylor, Scarlettkissesxo
ProfessionAV Model, Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth6 May 1997
Age26 years old (As of 2024)
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Grew UpUSA
Net Worth$4 million as of 2024

Scarlettkissesxo Early Life and Education

Scarlettkissesxo grew up in a lively, supportive home. She loved music from an early age and often sang around the house. Her family was proud of her talent.

At school, she was the class clown, making everyone laugh. She also did well academically, especially in music and art. Joining the choir and drama club, she sharpened her skills. This preparation became crucial for her video creations. She often credits her school experiences for teaching her to chase her dreams.

Today, Scarlettkissesxo is living her dream. She shares her talents and energy with the world. Her teachers and classmates always saw her as destined for success, thanks to her creativity and personality.

Her journey from a child to a social media star shows her hard work and passion. It also highlights the support she received.

Scarlettkissesxo Parents and Siblings

Scarlettkissesxo comes from a family that thrives on laughter and joy. Her parents encouraged her to be authentic, loving her silly jokes. Their support helped her find happiness in everything. She has fun, creative siblings too, and together, they made amazing videos before TikTok fame.

Her family has always been her biggest supporters, cheering her on every step. They taught her kindness and hard work, crucial to her success. The family’s adventures often appear in her content, giving followers a glimpse into her fun world. Her vibrant personality is rooted in her family’s influence. They shaped her into the star she is today, and they couldn’t be prouder!

Scarlettkissesxo Husband/Boyfriend

Scarlettkissesxo keeps her love life secret, and that’s fine. Like in movies, mystery is appealing. She prefers sharing positivity over personal details, adding to her charm. Fans often wonder if she has a boyfriend or is married. The truth is, we don’t know—and that’s okay.

By keeping her personal life private, she teaches us about boundaries. Scarlettkissesxo shares her talents and joy generously. However, she keeps her relationships quiet. We can focus on her great videos and songs instead of her relationship status.

Her choice to be private doesn’t reduce her appeal; it makes her intriguing. She shows us to embrace happiness and fun, beyond just a relationship status. This approach boosts her appeal and makes her content more enjoyable.

Scarlettkissesxo Children

Scarlettkissesxo, a popular TikTok star, doesn’t have kids. She’s busy making people laugh, singing, and sharing her vibrant personality. Her large audience keeps her occupied.

She acts like a big sister to her followers. She shares cool content, ensuring everyone enjoys her videos. Despite not having kids, she brings joy to many, just like a great mom or sister would. Her dedication to spreading happiness makes her beloved.

Age High Weight and Physical Appearance

Scarlettkissesxo, now 27, is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 57 kg. Her measurements are 34-26-36, showing her slim figure and commitment to health.

She has bright blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair. Her unique and calm demeanor stands out. She’s not only naturally beautiful but also talented, funny, and stylish. These qualities have made her a successful model and TikTok star.

Quick Facts

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight58 Kg
Age26 years old (As of 2024)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde hair

Scarlettkissesxo Before Fame

Before fame, Scarlettkissesxo led a typical life. She went to school, hung out with friends, and loved making videos. Using her family’s camera, she captured special moments. Often, she sang in her room, imagining performing for a big audience.

Her childhood ambition was to be a star. She practiced singing and acting tirelessly, fueled by strong determination. Scarlettkissesxo firmly believed in her dreams. Her hard work paid off. Now, she’s a TikTok star. Her story shows the value of dedication and following one’s dreams.

Scarlettkissesxo Career and Achievements

Scarlettkissesxo started her online journey like many young women. Quickly, she became a star. First, she charmed TikTok with witty videos. Then, she moved into modeling, shining in campaigns and on magazine covers. Her rise brought online fame, event invites, and brand deals, showcasing products to fans and influencing sales.

Her success shows that dedication and positivity can turn dreams into reality. Now, she’s an inspiration to aspiring talents.

Scarlettkissesxo Net Worth

Scarlettkissesxo has earned about $4 million. She did this through videos, modeling, and brand deals. Her fans eagerly buy products she recommends, boosting her income.

She also enjoys work perks, like traveling to exciting places. Scarlettkissesxo is active in charity, showing her desire to help.

Her story shows that following your passion can lead to great success. She’s a perfect example of turning passion into success and making a positive impact.

Scarlettkissesxo Famous Reason

Scarlettkissesxo is now a star on TikTok and Instagram. She’s known for her talent and honesty in adult modeling. Fans love how she stays real, unlike many online personas.

Her humor is a big hit. It charms everyone. This trait is key to her fame. Also, her unwavering confidence stands out. It’s clear in her work, be it modeling or content creation. She inspires others to be themselves.

Scarlettkissesxo’s connection with her followers is unique. She makes each feel special. This is why she’s a star. She is more than an influencer. She’s a role model for staying true and celebrating individuality.

Future Plans and Projects

Scarlettkissesxo is always starting new ventures. Her next big project? A fun, colorful clothing line that reflects her style. Besides, she’s about to release some music, meeting her fans’ high expectations.

But that’s not all. She has her eyes on acting and hopes to be on the big screen. Her dreams? To travel and create videos of her adventures. She’s eager to share these with her fans.

Scarlettkissesxo is also keen on charity work. She aims to support important causes. With her energy and determination, she’s sure to succeed. Her fans can’t wait to see what she does next.

Scarlettkissesxo Hobbies

Scarlettkissesxo is a dynamic person with many passions. Firstly, she loves making TikTok videos, entertaining her followers. Outside, music fills her home.

Beyond digital work, she enjoys drawing and dancing. Traveling is a big thrill for her.

She also loves cooking and playing video games. Books are a big part of her life. She enjoys photography too.

Each hobby adds color to her life and showcases her creativity and love for exploration.

Scarlettkissesxo Favorite Things 

Sunny beach days make Scarlettkissesxo happy. She enjoys the sun’s warmth and the soothing waves. Pink, her favorite color, adds brightness and fun.

She loves fluffy puppies for their cuteness and cuddliness. Laughter, from funny movies, always helps her relax.

Strawberry ice cream is her favorite sweet treat. She loves its sweetness, creaminess, and flavor. Adventure books take her on exciting journeys.

Playing the guitar is a significant joy for her. It lets her express herself. Christmas is her favorite holiday. It’s all about giving and being with loved ones.

Interesting Facts About Scarlettkissesxo

Scarlettkissesxo is a standout individual, thanks to her unique traits:

  1. She is bilingual, fluent in two languages.
  2. She took a charity bungee jump, showcasing her commitment to good causes.
  3. Her hidden painting talent shines through in her art.
  4. She made her best friend with a mistaken text, proving that unexpected connections can lead to lasting friendships.
  5. She’s afraid of clowns, adding depth to her personality.
  6. She loves astronomy and stargazing.
  7. Her first TikTok video, about sandwich-making, quickly made her popular online.
  8. She dreams of visiting Mars, showing her adventurous spirit and interest in space.
  9. Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman, symbolizing strength and resilience.
  10. She collects vintage cameras for their historical and technological appeal.

These details highlight Scarlettkissesxo’s diverse interests, unique experiences, and vibrant personality, making her captivating online and offline.


How did Scarlettkissesxo become so famous?

Scarlettkissesxo rose to fame through her captivating TikTok videos that quickly captured the attention of a wide audience. Her consistent creativity and engaging content helped her shine brighter in the digital realm.

What’s Scarlettkissesxo’s favorite song to sing?

Although Scarlettkissesxo sings frequently, she doesn’t have a single favorite song. She holds a deep love for all kinds of music.

Has Scarlettkissesxo ever been in a movie?

As of now, Scarlettkissesxo hasn’t appeared in a movie, but it’s a dream she eagerly looks forward to fulfilling in the future.

Does Scarlettkissesxo have a pet?

Yes, Scarlettkissesxo adores her fluffy puppy, who joins her in all her fun adventures, acting as her loyal companion.


We explored Scarlettkissesxo’s world and found more than a TikTok star. She’s a model, singer, and more, spreading joy through videos.

Her dreams are big. She plans to launch a clothing line, act, travel, and help others.

Scarlettkissesxo believes in hard work and authenticity to achieve dreams. She urges us to be ourselves and enjoy the journey, inspiring everyone to follow their passions and shine.

Let’s support her journey. She shows that being true to oneself leads to success. Thanks for joining me in learning about Scarlettkissesxo.

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