Scott Henson Death: Pro Wrestler ‘Big Cat’ Passes Away at Age 40

Scott Henson Death: The wrestling community mourns Scott ‘Big Cat’ Henson’s early death. He was a beloved figure in the Pacific Northwest’s independent wrestling. His lively personality and contributions left a lasting impact on his peers and fans.

Who Was Scott ‘Big Cat’ Henson?

Scott Henson, nicknamed ‘Big Cat,’ was a famous wrestler from Vancouver, British Columbia. He was born on July 13, 1983. Scott stood out in wrestling for his dynamic shows and charm. He also hosted a popular podcast, The Worst Year of Our Lives, and streamed games on Twitch, engaging his fans.

Scott Henson’s Wrestling Career

Scott embarked on his wrestling journey in October 2002, showcasing his skills under various aliases such as Scoot and Jimmy James. He achieved recognition as a two-time Solid Steel Champion in the 3-2-1 Battle! promotion during 2016. Scott’s ‘Big Cat’ persona, characterized by distinctive paw-like gloves and a unique in-ring presence, endeared him to fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Tributes and Impact

After learning about Scott’s death, the wrestling community flooded with tributes. They praised his impact and charm. Canadian Apex Wrestling, where Scott was a Tag Team Champion, mourned deeply. They noted his pivotal role in shaping the Pacific Northwest wrestling scene.

Personal Reflections and Fond Memories

Scott’s close friends and colleagues, including his tag team partner Softpaws and ‘Your Movie Sucks’ YouTuber Adam Johnston, shared memories. They highlighted Scott’s friendship, humor, and unwavering support, which made him beloved. This endearing quality ensured his legacy both in and out of the ring.


Scott “Big Cat” Henson’s passing leaves a huge void. He touched many lives as a wrestler, podcaster, and gamer. His memory will inspire those who knew him. We celebrate his passion for wrestling and the impact he had on those fortunate enough to have known him.

We remember Scott “Big Cat” Henson, whose spirit will live on in the hearts of his loved ones.

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