Shooting Incident in Millbrae Prompts Shelter-in-Place Order in San Mateo

Police in San Mateo are investigating a Thursday evening shooting. Authorities issued a shelter-in-place order for nearby residents. One person was injured, but no other details were available.

Location and Police Response

A shooting occurred near East Hillsdale Boulevard and South Norfolk Street. This has led to more police in the area. They are investigating the incident.

Details from San Mateo Police Department

The San Mateo Police Department (SMPD) said the shooting happened on the street, not in an apartment. Now, they are trying to identify the people involved and their relationships. Additionally, the victim was found in San Carlos and taken to the hospital.

Road Closure and Shelter-in-Place Order

East Hillsdale Boulevard and South Norfolk Street are closed. Residents nearby should stay indoors. Authorities issued a shelter-in-place order around 5:30 p.m.

Investigation and Related Incidents

Investigators are examining related incidents in Millbrae and San Carlos. The SMPD is leading efforts in all three locations to find connections.

The situation is evolving. Authorities ask for information on the shooting. This is crucial for the investigation.

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