Tragic Loss in Laconia: Remembering Tony Caton, Motorcycle Enthusiast

During Laconia Bike Week 2024, Tony Caton from Northway Estates died in a New Hampshire motorcycle crash. He was known for his love of motorcycles, art, and cars. His death deeply saddened his family, friends, and the wider motorcycle community.

The Incident and Safety Reminder

Tony Caton’s death highlights the need for road safety, especially during events like Laconia Bike Week. Larry Crowe, state coordinator of the New Hampshire Motorcycle Rider Education Program, stresses the need for better safety measures. These are to prevent more tragedies.

Tributes and Memories

Tony’s friends and acquaintances are sharing tributes. They remember his passion for motorcycles. Also, they note his commitment to living life fully. Memories of shared experiences, laughter, and friendship highlight how he impacted them.

Community Mourning

The community of Northway Estates mourns Tony Caton’s loss deeply. He was a regular at bike events and gatherings, well-known for his hard work and friendly spirit. Tributes from everyone highlight his dedication, adventurous nature, and genuine character.


Tony Caton’s friends and family are mourning his death. They find comfort in memories and his lasting impact. His passing reminds everyone of life’s fragility and the need to cherish every moment.

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