Apple Watch Series 10 Promises Major Upgrades and Innovations

The Apple Watch Series 10 launches this September with major upgrades. It will come in 45-millimeter and 49-millimeter sizes, a notable increase. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed this, marking a significant size jump. The Series 9 had 41-millimeter and 45-millimeter options, smaller than the new model. This is the largest size increase since the original Apple Watch Series 1. It debuted with 38 and 42-millimeter sizes, much smaller than the new Series 10.

Thinner Design

In addition to the size upgrade, Kuo mentions that the Series 10 will boast a thinner design. This aligns with recent reports from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who suggests that Apple is focusing on making many of its products slimmer in the near future. The streamlined design is expected to enhance user comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Apple Watch Ultra Updates

Kuo also addressed the Apple Watch Ultra, noting that it will remain “roughly the same” in terms of design. However, Apple may introduce new case color options, including a potential black or dark variant, offering more customization choices for users.

3D Printing Technology Integration

The Series 10 features a notable innovation: 3D printing in manufacturing. Apple plans to use 3D printed parts from China’s BLT starting in 2024. This advancement may improve production efficiency and component quality.


Apple Watch Series 10 is a significant upgrade with larger screens and thinner design. It may offer new Apple Watch Ultra color options too. Apple uses 3D printing, showing its innovative manufacturing commitment. With its launch pending, Series 10 promises enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal for new and existing users.

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