Ava Hulett, Sister of June 2019 Homicide Victim Bradley Hulett, Passes Away in Florida

Ava Hulett Florida Death: On June 15th, 2024, Ava Hulett, beloved sister of James ‘Bradley’ Hulett, tragically passed away at the age of 19. Just days after celebrating her 19th birthday, Ava fell victim to a homicide, leaving her family and community devastated.

Background on Bradley Hulett’s Passing

Previously, in December 2019, Ava’s brother, James ‘Bradley’ Hulett, was fatally shot at a friend’s home in Lithia. The circumstances surrounding his death remain under investigation, with no arrests made to date.

Impact on the Hulett Family and Community

Ava and Bradley’s deaths deeply affected their loved ones. They remember Ava for her laughter and lively spirit. The community has gathered to support the Hulett family.

Investigation and Support

The Florida State Police are actively investigating Ava’s murder. They are focusing on new evidence. Meanwhile, support efforts are ongoing. These efforts are helping the Hulett family with their grief and financial troubles.

Tributes and Remembrances

Friends and supporters praise Ava’s warmth and influence. They keep sending messages of love and solidarity. These messages honor her and comfort her family.

The community grieves for Ava Hulett. Yet, they stand together, supporting her family. They offer prayers and help during this sad time.

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