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Jameliz Benitez Smith, born on February 16, 2003, in Florida, is a famous social media star. Now 21, she’s won over fans with her content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Her fitness posts highlight her strength and dedication.

Jameliz’s charm and skill have earned her a dedicated following. She stands out in social media for her ability to spread joy. Both her fans and family admire her. Jameliz’s popularity is on the rise, and she inspires many.

Who is Jameliz Benitez Smith?

Jameliz Benitez Smith is a popular internet personality. She shares interesting videos and photos, drawing a global audience on TikTok and YouTube. Also, she models on Instagram, showcasing stylish outfits and her fitness progress. Jameliz enjoys connecting with her followers, always offering something fresh and exciting.

Her creativity shines through in her content, consistently making people smile. She knows how to stand out online, and her fans love her posts. Moreover, Jameliz is not just about her looks. She’s talented and kind, making her followers feel like part of a happy online family.

Jameliz Benitez Smith is more than an internet star. She’s a friend to many, touching lives with her engaging and heartfelt presence.


Quick Facts

Real NameJameliz Benitez Smith
Nick NameJameliz, Jellybeanbrains, Daisy’s bloomss
ProfessionTikTok Star, Instagram Star, AV Model
Date of Birth16 February 2003
Age21 years old (In 2024)
BirthplaceFlorida, United States
Grew UpUSA
Net Worth$130 K (as of 2024)
Height4 feet 10 inches
Weight51 Kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown

Jameliz’s Early Life and Education

Growing up, Jameliz was always bright and bubbly, living with her family in sunny Florida. From a young age, she loved performing in front of her family and friends, dancing, singing, and acting to make everyone laugh and smile. School was a place where she truly shone.

Jameliz excelled in her studies and made lots of friends. Her teachers noticed her creative side early on and often said she would achieve great things one day. In school, she was part of many clubs, with art class being her favorite. Drawing and painting were her top activities, and she even made funny videos for school projects, which everyone loved.

Her interest in social media started growing around this time, as she learned how to share her creativity with the world online. Little did she know, this was the beginning of her journey to becoming a star. Jameliz always dreamed big, and her early life was full of fun, learning, and creativity.

Jameliz’s Parents and Siblings

Jameliz is lucky to have a loving family as her top supporters. Her parents always urged her to dream big and backed her. Her siblings are her best friends, making their bond strong. They play games and share jokes, making their time together special.

Her parents attend all her events, cheering her on. Her siblings proudly share her videos and celebrate her success. Jameliz values her family and finds them inspiring.

They often enjoy joyful dinners, chatting and laughing together. Their support and love have been key to her success. Jameliz feels very fortunate to have them.

Jameliz’s Husband/Boyfriend

Jameliz is happily partnered with Daisy, a popular TikTok user. They share their sweet moments online, making fans happy. Their videos are full of joy, highlighting their strong bond. Daisy always supports Jameliz.

Together, they care deeply for each other. They often create content that fans love. Many admire their relationship, seeing them as a fun-loving couple. They truly enjoy each other’s company. Their online adventures are a joy for their audience.

Jameliz Children

Jameliz has no children. She’s busy making videos, having fun, and spending time with Daisy. They explore new places and share their adventures. She also loves being an aunt.

She often posts cute moments with her siblings’ kids. These show how much she values their time together. Playing games and going on small adventures with them is important. Her followers appreciate this, seeing her love for family and work.

Being with kids makes her playful and happy. Right now, Jameliz is focused on enjoying life, step by step.

Jameliz’s Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Jameliz isn’t the tallest in the room, standing at just 4 feet and 10 inches – about as high as a pile of skateboards. At 21 years old, she is full of zest and brightness. She has a perfect weight for her height, around 51 kg – imagine fifty-one, one-kilogram bags of flour lined up in the pantry!

Her eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky, especially when she shares her stories or bursts into laughter. Her hair flows and shines, catching the light just right, making her presence known and felt. She carries herself with grace and confidence, always ready to take on whatever comes her way.

Whenever you see her, she seems to be jumping into a new adventure; her energy is infectious, making her stand out. Her uniqueness isn’t just in what she does but in how she looks while doing it, truly making her a special presence both online and in life.

Jameliz Before Fame

Before she became a star, Jameliz was just like any other kid. She loved playing outside and using her imagination, making up stories and acting them out. At school, she was known for being super friendly, and everyone enjoyed being around her. Jameliz also loved drawing and making crafts, always using her creativity in everything she did.

She always had a camera in hand, capturing moments and sharing them with her family. This hobby soon turned into her passion. Even back then, it was clear that Jameliz had a knack for entertaining others. Her journey to fame started with these simple joys.

Jameliz career and achievements

Jameliz quickly became a big hit on the internet. She first shone on TikTok, making everyone laugh with her fun videos. People loved her content. She also models on Instagram, showcasing cool outfits and sharing her fitness journey, which her fans adore. Additionally, she has won awards for her creative content.

Jameliz collaborates with famous brands, making their ads fun to watch. Her talent has earned her a large following, and she’s known for her positive online presence. Besides her online activities, she participates in charity events, showing her caring side. Her journey is full of exciting moments and significant achievements.

Jameliz Net Worth

Talking about money can be tricky, but when it comes to Jameliz, people are curious. She has achieved so much online, and her hard work has paid off significantly. Now, she’s not just famous but also financially successful, with an estimated net worth of about $130,000.

Wow, that’s a lot of zeroes! This impressive sum comes from her engaging videos, modeling gigs, and lucrative ads, as well as collaborations with big brands. Imagine all the skateboards you could buy with that! Despite her wealth, Jameliz uses her money wisely and loves to help others, demonstrating her generosity and responsible nature.

Jameliz Famous Reason

Jameliz skyrocketed to fame for a very cool reason: she made a TikTok video where she danced in a car. It sounded wild, but it was incredibly fun and captivating. That video went viral, amassing over 2 million views. People absolutely loved it. She also uses popular rap and hip-hop songs in her videos, which makes them even catchier and more enjoyable to watch. The beats get everyone moving.

Her dancing skills are incredible, and she has a knack for picking the best songs. This combination of great music and fun dancing is why she became a star. People from all over the world tune in to see what she’ll do next. Her energy is contagious, and you can’t help but smile and dance along. Dancing in a car made her famous, and now she continues to share her awesome moves. Fans are always eagerly waiting to see more from her.

Jameliz’s Future Plans and Projects

Jameliz has big dreams for the future. She plans to start her own clothing line, featuring fun and colorful outfits that reflect her vibrant personality. Additionally, she aims to launch a fitness app designed to help people stay healthy and happy. Beyond that, Jameliz is considering a career in acting, hoping to appear in movies and TV shows.

She also dreams of traveling the world, sharing her adventures online with all her followers. Jameliz is constantly seeking new ways to inspire others, and her journey is just beginning. We can’t wait to see where her path leads next.

Jameliz Hobbies

Jameliz enjoys many hobbies that make her life vibrant. First, she likes painting with bright colors. This brings her creative ideas to life. Then, she often hikes with friends on sunny days. It’s a way to enjoy nature. Trying new recipes is also fun for her, especially from different cuisines.

Video games are her go-to for fun and relaxation. Yoga keeps her calm and balanced. She’s passionate about collecting unique sneakers. Each pair adds to her style.

Reading books sparks her imagination. Making DIY crafts at home is another favorite. On lazy days, she watches movies. Skateboarding in the park gives her a thrill.

Dancing is a joy, letting her energy flow. She also loves taking nature photos. It deepens her appreciation for the world. Lastly, being with her pet dog is very special. It fills every moment with love.

Jameliz Favorite Things

Jameliz loves sunny beach days, playing in the sand and listening to the ocean. Her favorite treat is chocolate ice cream. She’s into superhero movies, often dreaming of having their powers.

Pop music kicks off her room dance sessions. Bright, colorful sneakers are her style. Pizza nights with friends are full of laughter and stories.

Drawing and reading fantasy books make her happy. Sunsets bring her joy. She loves playing with her dog and going on roller coasters.

Making TikTok videos lets her be creative and connect. Family game nights are the best. Everyone has fun and makes memories.

Interesting Facts About Jameliz

Jameliz is fluent in two languages. She started skateboarding at six and quickly mastered it. Her first TikTok video starred her cat, launching her online journey.

Surprisingly, she also excels in singing. A chance meeting with a famous singer at a coffee shop left a lasting impact. Halloween is a favorite, thanks to the costumes and festive mood.

Skydiving is on her bucket list. She enjoys mystery novels and puzzles. Jameliz is creative and eco-minded, having made a dress from recycled materials.

She loves the peace and inspiration of dawn. Jameliz collects fun socks and snacks on popcorn mixed with chocolate chips.

Her first pet’s name? Inspired by a superhero. This shows her love for imaginative stories.


  1. What are Jameliz’s favorite hobbies?
    • Jameliz enjoys painting and hiking, both of which bring her a lot of happiness.
  2. Does Jameliz have any pets?
    • Yes, Jameliz adores her pet dog and they have lots of enjoyable moments together.
  3. How tall is Jameliz?
    • Jameliz stands at 4 feet and 10 inches tall, about the height of a pile of skateboards.
  4. Who is Jameliz’s special someone?
    • Jameliz’s boyfriend is Daisy, and they share many laughs together, often online.
  5. What is Jameliz’s dream project?
    • Jameliz dreams of launching her own clothing line that will be colorful and fun.
  6. Can Jameliz cook?
    • Yes, Jameliz enjoys experimenting with new recipes; cooking is another one of her hobbies.
  7. Is Jameliz planning to pursue acting?
    • Yes, Jameliz hopes to be in movies and TV shows in the future.
  8. Does Jameliz have plans to release a fitness app?
    • Jameliz is planning to launch a fitness app to help people stay fit and happy.


Jameliz is inspiring. She approaches life with enthusiasm and creativity, openly sharing her passions. From TikTok videos to her ambitious dreams, she believes in the power of being genuine.

She also values hard work and perseverance. Not only does she aim for her goals, but she also deeply cares for her family and friends. Her generosity and support shine through.

Jameliz is more than popular. She embodies kindness and compassion, advocating for helping others and positive change. Her story encourages us to dream big and treat others with empathy and respect.

Thank you for joining us in Jameliz’s journey. It’s a story of how passion, truth, and kindness can shape a meaningful life.

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