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Nia Bleu is a well-known adult film actress and model. She is admired for her talent and beauty. Born on September 30, 1999, in Quito, Ecuador, she quickly rose in her industry. Now 25, she’s worth $100,000.

Nia grew up with her parents, Raj K. Khanna and Usha Sharma. She once dated Carlos. Her performances always impress, showing her dedication and passion.

For more details on Nia, her age, height, weight, relationships, and background, check her Wikipedia page. She has exciting projects ahead, making her a star to watch in entertainment.

Who is Nia Bleu?

Nia Bleu is a famous actor from Quito, Ecuador, who charms audiences with her talent. She’s known globally, not just for her looks but also for her strong work ethic. Her success is the result of hard work and determination.

She’s not just an actor; Nia is also a successful model. She easily showcases various fashion styles and adds her unique touch. Fans appreciate her authenticity and admire her for chasing her dreams.

Nia’s career teaches us the value of passion and persistence. She encourages fans to pursue their dreams with confidence.

Her story is an inspiration, showing that with dedication, anyone can succeed.

Nia Bleu

Quick Facts

Real NameNia Bleu
Stage NameElise Carrasco
ProfessionActress, AV Model
Date of Birth30 September 1999
Age25 years old (In 2024)
BirthplaceQuito, Ecuador
Grew UpQuito
Net Worth$100 K
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight56 Kg
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorBlack

Nia Bleu Early Life and Education

Nia Bleu’s early years in Quito, Ecuador were like a fairy tale. She was surrounded by colorful sights and smells, and her parents Raj and Usha always supported her dreams.

Moving to Ecuador opened a new, exciting chapter for Nia. She was drawn to the beautiful landscapes and diverse cultures, sparking her love for exploration and learning.

In school, Nia was thrilled with new subjects and made lasting friendships. She also enjoyed books, art, and sports. Her strong determination and passion fueled her big ambitions.

Every challenge she faced became a step towards her current success. Nia’s story shows that resilience and pursuing dreams are key. It encourages others to take their own paths with bravery and optimism.

Nia’s Family Background

Nia started her journey in Quito, Ecuador, a city rich in culture. Her parents, Raj and Usha, have been her strong supports, guiding her with love and knowledge.

The family moved to Ecuador to support Nia’s future. Aryan, her younger brother, adds playfulness to their lives. Their bond strengthens through laughter and friendly competition, especially in video games.

Together, they form a close, lively family. Each member adds a unique touch. Their support and belief in Nia boost her confidence and drive, allowing her to chase her dreams.

Nia’s Love Life

Nia Bleu loves Carlos, a man who is not just her partner but also kind, humorous, and smart. They met by chance at a coffee shop, both reaching for the same latte. Since then, they have been inseparable.

They enjoy exploring new places and trying different foods together. Carlos supports Nia at her movie premieres and during tough times. They both love painting and watching movies.

Their love story is like a fairy tale, showing true love through caring and sharing. Together, they make an excellent team, creating happy memories. Their relationship highlights the beauty of companionship and respect.

Nia Bleu Children

Nia Bleu dreams of a big family, eager to fill her home with joy and children’s laughter. Though she is childless, she anticipates motherhood.

She aims to teach her children kindness, adventure, and the importance of pursuing dreams. Nia plans to be a supportive mother, baking cookies, playing soccer, and sharing magical bedtime stories. Family is crucial to her, and she looks forward to passing on her love and life lessons.

How Tall is Nia and Other Physical Stuff

Nia Bleu is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 56 kg. Her measurements are 34E-26-34. She wears a European size 36, which flatters her shape.

In addition, she wears size 7 shoes for her favorite stylish and comfy pairs. Her tattoos tell stories from her life.

Nia’s appeal isn’t just about her looks. Her confidence and charm draw people in. She lights up rooms with her presence. Her lively personality shines through her fashion. She picks outfits that match her figure and confidence.

Nia Bleu’s career and achievements

Nia Bleu is a star in acting and modeling. She quickly became a favorite in the film industry. People worldwide eagerly anticipate her movies and love her magazine features.

Nia is also a top model. She effortlessly showcases the latest fashions. Her work earns her awards and makes her family proud. Fans love her for her versatility and always look forward to her next project.

Directors love working with Nia. They praise her for her dedication. Nia keeps pushing herself, taking on new roles and fashion shoots. She surprises audiences with her talent.

Nia Bleu Net Worth

Nia Bleu’s career shows her dedication and hard work in acting and modeling. She excels in both. Her efforts have earned her $100k, proving that persistence pays off.

Her story is inspiring. It shows what determination can achieve. Nia motivates others to chase their dreams. She proves that with hard work and passion, they can succeed like her.

Her journey pushes us to aim high. It highlights the importance of dedication and focus. With these, we can turn our goals into reality and make a difference.

Nia Bleu Social Media

Nia Bleu shares her life online with fans on Instagram and Twitter. Her posts include photos from her travels and movies. She also shares fun moments, creating a warm bond with followers.

Nia uses hashtags to build a community. She enjoys replying to comments, making her platforms welcoming.

To see Nia Bleu’s world and stay updated on her journey, visit her profiles. Join the lively online community.

Nia Bleu Future Plans and Projects

Nia Bleu dreams big and sets ambitious goals. She’s prepping for a secret movie project that will thrill her fans. Next, she’ll walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week, a major milestone in her modeling career.

Beyond movies and modeling, Nia will launch a YouTube channel, giving fans a peek into her life. She’s also writing a book about chasing dreams and overcoming obstacles, hoping to inspire others with her stories.

Nia’s collaborating with designers on her own clothing line, showcasing her creative vision and love for fashion. With a future full of possibilities, Nia’s ready to make her mark, throwing herself into each project with enthusiasm and dedication.

Nia Bleu’s Favorite Things

Nia Bleu finds joy in a variety of favorite activities and interests that brighten her life:

  • Chocolate ice cream: Nia describes it as a comforting hug in a bowl.
  • Sunny beach days: Feeling the sand between her toes brings her immense happiness.
  • Reading fantasy novels: Nia loves immersing herself in new worlds and thrilling adventures from the comfort of home.
  • Action movies: She enjoys the adrenaline rush and rooting for the courageous heroes.
  • Painting landscapes: This creative outlet helps Nia unwind as she blends colors to capture natural beauty.
  • Playing soccer with friends: Laughter and fun are guaranteed whenever they get together for a game.
  • Pandas: Nia adores these cute and cuddly creatures, her favorite animals.
  • Listening to pop music: It’s irresistible to Nia, who finds herself dancing to the beat whenever she hears it.
  • Traveling: Exploring new cultures and places excites her curiosity and sense of adventure.
  • Star-gazing: Under the night sky, Nia finds peace and inspiration, dreaming big.

These favorite things reflect Nia’s zest for life, blending fun, adventure, and moments of relaxation that provide a glimpse into her joyful and vibrant personality.

Exciting Facts About Nia Bleu

Nia Bleu is a remarkable individual with a diverse array of interests and experiences that reveal her extraordinary personality:

  • Multilingual: Nia impressively speaks three languages, showcasing her brilliance and versatility.
  • Meeting a movie star: She once had the exciting opportunity to meet a famous movie star, an unforgettable experience.
  • Thrill seeker: Nia adores roller coasters and thrives on the exhilarating rush of speed.
  • Secret chocolate cake recipe: Her delicious chocolate cake recipe is a well-kept secret, loved by all who taste it.
  • Diary keeper: Nia faithfully writes in her diary every night, capturing her thoughts and experiences.
  • Fear of spiders: Despite her bravery in many aspects of life, spiders make Nia jump and scream.
  • Dancing in the rain: She once danced joyously in the rain for hours, reveling in the beauty of nature.
  • Musical talent: Nia plays the guitar, enchanting listeners with her magical music.
  • Lucky charm: She treasures a small, shiny stone as her lucky charm, holding sentimental value.
  • Stargazing enthusiast: Nia finds solace and inspiration in stargazing, where the stars ignite her dreams.

Every aspect of Nia Bleu’s life reveals her as fascinating and dynamic. Her journey is marked by adventure, creativity, and a love for simple joys. These traits make her not just famous but also captivating and intriguing.


How old is Nia Bleu?

Nia Bleu turned 25 this year.

Where was Nia born?

Nia was born in Quito, Ecuador, known for its amazing food.

Does Nia have any siblings?

Yes, Nia has a younger brother named Aryan. They enjoy playing video games together.

Who is Nia’s favorite movie star?

Nia once met a famous movie star, but she keeps their identity a secret.

What is Nia scared of?

Nia is afraid of spiders; they make her scream and jump.

Can Nia speak other languages?

Yes, Nia is fluent in three languages, showcasing her intelligence.

What does Nia love to do for fun?

Nia loves dancing in the rain and playing the guitar.

Does Nia like animals?

Yes, Nia adores pandas for their cute and cuddly nature.

What’s one of Nia’s dreams?

One of Nia’s dreams is to start a YouTube channel and share her life with others.

What’s Nia’s lucky charm?

Nia’s lucky charm is a small, shiny stone that she believes brings her luck.


Nia Bleu’s journey from India to stardom is inspiring. Her story pushes us to chase our dreams. Her love story and family show how crucial support is for success and happiness.

Nia enjoys chocolate ice cream and sunny beach days, making her relatable and unique. These favorites reveal her joy and add to her personality.

Now, Nia’s future plans bring new adventures. She’s more than a star; she’s an enduring inspiration. Her dedication and kindness prove anything is possible with hard work and a good heart.

Stay tuned for Nia Bleu’s next adventure. It promises to be extraordinary!

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