Kalyn Hutchins Motorcycle Accident: Massachusetts Resident Involved in Serious Crash – GoFundMe Controversy

Earlier this month, a motorcycle crash in Mexico injured Kalyn Hutchins and Chris Schievink. Both are from Massachusetts. Hutchins is now in the hospital with minor injuries. However, there is no information on Schievink’s condition.

Kalyn Hutchins Motorcycle Accident

The Incident

Kalyn Hutchins and Chris Schievink were on a trip to Mexico when the accident happened. The specific details surrounding the crash have not been disclosed. As the situation develops, more information about the circumstances leading to the accident may become available.

Unfolding Betrayal

Kristen Kelly revealed a shocking truth. She told that her partner, Chris Schievink, was cheating with her friend, Kalyn Hutchins. Kristen is 34 weeks pregnant with their second child. Chris lied, saying he was working an hour away for the weekend. In reality, he took a $6,000 family trip Kristen had planned with Kalyn.

Kristen was devastated. She’s especially hurt because her first daughter, born at 34 weeks, is severely autistic. She needs constant care and can’t be left with others. Kristen feared that if she went into labor while Chris was away, no one could watch their daughter.

Kristen Kelly’s Statement

Kristen Kelly’s Statement

“My boyfriend of 7 years, Chris Schievink, cheated on me with my friend Kalyn Hutchins. They used a $6,000 trip that I bought for our family. I am 34 weeks pregnant with our second child. He told me he was working an hour away for the entire weekend; however, in reality, he left the country with her. Our first daughter was born at 34 weeks, so him being near was very important.

Our older daughter is severely autistic and can’t be left with a babysitter or family member. If I had gone into labor, there literally would’ve been no one to watch her. While on the trip, Kalyn and Chris were in a motorcycle accident. Her family made a GoFundMe, which is how I found out. For once, a motorcycle accident saved someone’s life.”

Controversial GoFundMe Page

Kalyn Hutchins’ family set up a GoFundMe. Their goal was to cover her medical costs and bring her home for urgent care. However, the fundraiser met backlash and was later removed. Ann, a commenter, wrote, “Karma doesn’t miss! Her pain is nothing compared to the pregnant woman’s pain. Kalyn betrayed her by sleeping with her husband. Both deserve lifelong suffering.”

Closing Thoughts

A motorcycle accident revealed a painful, complex situation. Kalyn Hutchins is now healing, but it’s been hard on Kristen Kelly and her family. The story shows the cost of betrayal and life’s unexpected turns.

We encourage readers to share their thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Have you been impacted by a similar situation? How did you cope with the emotional fallout? Let’s support each other through these challenging times.

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