Levi Wright Death: Tragic Accident Claims the Life of Young Levi Wright

On May 21, a devastating accident occurred on a family farm in Utah, claiming the life of young Levi Wright. Levi was riding his toy tractor on the family’s 24-acre property when he accidentally drove into a creek. Rescuers found him unresponsive about a mile downstream. Despite opening his eyes days later, Levi never regained consciousness due to a severe brain injury. The incident has left his friends and family heartbroken.

Who Was Levi Wright?

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The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office said Levi drove his toy tractor into a river. This caused the witness to lose sight of him. Quickly, they found him, gave first aid, and sent him to a nearby hospital. Meanwhile, Levi’s mother, Kallie, shared on Facebook. She mentioned how much the incident would always bother her. Their property has a creek that offers a shortcut, avoiding the busy main road. Unfortunately, Levi’s toy tractor was carried into this creek. It headed towards his grandparents’ home.

A Heartfelt Obituary for Levi Wright

Levi Wright, the 3-year-old son of rodeo star Spencer Wright and Kallie Wright, has passed away. His mother remembers him as “exceptionally thoughtful.” After being taken off life support, he died on June 2. Kallie shared her profound grief, calling Levi’s heart “enormous, loving, and pure.” She noted that playing with his older sister, Steeley, was a favorite pastime, and they quickly became close friends.

Kallie also recounted the accident. Levi had driven his tractor into the creek. She had warned him not to drive near the creek or the road, but he insisted. Kallie left him to quickly attend to something in the house. She now regrets that decision deeply.

Remembering Levi

Levi, known for wanting to “hold baby” Brae and his love for his grandmother, also enjoyed church and helping his father. His mom mentioned his constant requests for “Big Green Tractor” and “The Excavator Song.”

The obituary, packed with Levi’s photos, mentioned his close bond with his father and his love for tractors and excavators. It highlighted how Levi looked up to his dad and was following in his footsteps. His fascination with big machines showed in his music preferences.

Family and Final Arrangements

Levi is survived by his parents, grandparents, and two siblings. The family has decided not to disclose the details of the funeral arrangements.

This tragic accident has left an indelible mark on the Wright family and their community. Levi’s memory will be cherished by all who knew him.

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