Tragic Accident Claims Life of 6-Year-Old Girl on Vacation in Maine

A tragic incident took 6-year-old Lucy Morgan’s life. She was on vacation with her family in Maine. The accident happened on a Saturday afternoon. Lucy was playing with her brother in Limerick, a town west of Portland. It involved a broken badminton racket.

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The Accident

Maine State Police reported a badminton racket accident. The aluminum shaft detached and hit Lucy’s head, piercing her skull. It happened at noon and was quickly seen as severe. She was taken to a nearby hospital and then airlifted to Maine Medical Center. Despite the medical team’s efforts, Lucy was declared brain dead at 1:32 am on June 5. Her heart stopped at 4 am.

Community and Family Response

Lucy’s father, Jesse Morgan, is a pastor at Green Pond Bible Chapel in Rockaway, New Jersey. He shared their sad story on his blog. This included the family’s challenges and how their faith helped them. Jesse wrote about the tests to confirm Lucy’s brain death. He also found a prayer journal her mother had given her. Its first entry read, “God is so amazing. He’s the true God, the creator, and He died for our sins.” Jesse marveled at his daughter’s deep faith and spirituality at such a young age.

A Community in Mourning

The Morgan family’s church community has supported them. Green Pond Bible Chapel will hold a memorial for Lucy on June 15. Pastor Ryan Boys wrote a touching letter. He highlighted the Morgans’ deep loss and the church’s backing. “The Morgans aren’t alone in their sorrow,” he said.

Police Statement

The Maine State Police confirmed the accident. They also offered their deepest condolences to the Morgan family. In a statement, they said, “We are deeply sorry for Lucy’s tragic and unexpected death.”

Legacy of Faith

Lucy’s story moved many, not just those who knew her. Her father shared her short life and strong faith, touching hearts. Jesse Morgan’s writings show his family’s deep grief and their belief in Lucy’s peace. Jesse mentioned that God seemed to guide Lucy, drawing her closer. This signaled the connection and comfort their faith brought.


Lucy Morgan’s loss reminds us of life’s fragility and accidents’ unpredictability. The Morgan family’s faith and community support show how people unite and stay strong in tragedy. They now face this sad time with love, prayers, and memories of Lucy. Her short life was full of faith and joy.

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