Tragic Accident: Loren Stacks and Camille Marti of Beaumont, TX Die in Crash; Family Mourns – GoFundMe Campaign Launched

Loren Stacks, a beloved wife, tragically died in a sudden accident on Saturday, June 15, 2024. Her death has deeply saddened many hearts. Condolences are pouring in for her family.

Heartfelt Tributes

“My heart was broken for the families of Camille Marti and Loren Stacks when I heard the news yesterday morning. Two lives gone too soon. Two more families thrust into the grief journey of child loss. My heart hurts for their parents, fiancé, new husband, siblings, other family, and close friends. This is the last text I received from Camille 10 days ago while helping her with addresses to mail her wedding invitations. Please pray for these families!” – Mandy Warren Bradley

Support Through GoFundMe

Kaylee Marshall set up a GoFundMe page for Loren Stacks’ family. The purpose is to cover funeral and other costs. The community’s response has been touching. Many have shared memories and expressed sadness.

Hannah Wilson said, “I can’t express how sad I feel today. Loren and I shared many memories. From sneaking candy at age 4 from Sunday school, to nights of giggling instead of sleeping. These moments are unforgettable.”

Ongoing Investigation

The details of the tragic accident that killed Loren Stacks and Camille Marti are still under investigation. The community is waiting for more information. They are also asked to keep the families in their thoughts and prayers during this tough time.

People who knew Loren Stacks and Camille Marti will always remember them. Their families are grateful for the ongoing support and condolences. They are dealing with this great loss.

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