Amarillo Innovates with AI Chatbot to Serve Multilingual Population

The City of Amarillo launched Emma, a groundbreaking digital assistant developed with Dell Technologies. Emma is a significant advancement, enhancing accessibility and user experience on the city’s website.

Emma’s Unique Capabilities

Emma is a digital human integrated into the city’s online platform pioneering interaction. Users ask questions in natural language, unlike traditional websites. This interface simplifies access to essential info and resources for all residents. Initially in English, Emma supports 46 languages for Amarillo’s diverse population.

Motivation Behind Emma’s Development

Rich Gagnon, city assistant manager, stresses Emma’s importance in diverse cities. Emma helps refugees and non-English speakers access city info easily. She reduces translation costs and provides quick responses to resident queries. The goal is to simplify government websites and ensure efficient resident support.

Development Process and Challenges

Emma created a solution despite big challenges, refining response accuracy. She integrated a robust knowledge base for Amarillo’s specific needs. Partnering with Pryon helped develop responsive AI, providing accurate info or directing users to resources.

Impact on Government Transparency

Emma enhances transparency by directly addressing resident queries and concerns. It highlights common issues and provides real-time data on user interactions. This data helps city leadership identify trends, improve service delivery, and address community needs promptly. A proactive approach, it fosters trust and engagement between residents and local government.

Future Prospects and Innovation

Looking ahead, the Amarillo team envisions Emma evolving beyond its current capabilities. Plans for Emma 2.0 and 3.0 include advancing towards a bidirectional conversational AI model. Future iterations aim to engage residents in meaningful dialogues, gather feedback on city initiatives, and potentially function as a sentiment engine to gauge public opinion.


Emma brings civic engagement and accessibility to Amarillo in a new way. The city uses AI to improve public services and adapt to its diverse community’s needs. Amarillo leads innovation in local governance, pursuing resident satisfaction and transparency through tech.

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