Rick Lorenzen: Founder of the Lions Automobilia Foundation, Passes Away

Rick Lorenzen was the esteemed founder of the Lions Automobilia Foundation. He passed away peacefully on Sunday evening, leaving behind a legacy that deeply affected car fans and historians. His vision and dedication were instrumental in the foundation’s creation and success.

Rick’s Early Influences and Love for Racing

Rick developed a passion for fast cars and racing near Lions Drag Strip. He grew up in Wilmington, CA, watching races with friends and tinkering with cars like the Stone, Woods, and Cook Willys Coupe. These early experiences rooted his love for automotive history.

Entrepreneurial Journey: From Price Transfer to Philanthropy

In 1961, Rick and his father Fred bought a small trucking company. This company later became Price Transfer, a renowned trucking, warehousing, and logistics entity. Rick’s leadership and innovative spirit drove Price Transfer’s growth. It became a prominent player in Southern California’s transportation sector under his guidance.

Founding the Lions Automobilia Foundation

Rick’s dream came true with the Lions Automobilia Foundation’s birth preserving culture. This museum became a haven for enthusiasts showcasing his commitment. It shared bygone eras with future generations.

Continuing Rick’s Vision

In the wake of Rick’s passing, Tami Lorenzen-Fanselow, his successor, vows to uphold his vision and values. She remains steadfast in ensuring the foundation remains strong and united, honoring Rick’s legacy every step of the way.

Celebrating Rick Lorenzen’s Achievements

Rick’s achievements went beyond business; he pioneered cargo inspection changes. He led innovations at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach too. His dedication and hard work earned accolades, paving the way for industry advancements.

Honoring Rick Lorenzen’s Legacy

We mourn Rick Lorenzen’s loss, celebrating his remarkable life and profound impact. He shaped automotive history, leaving a legacy inspiring the Lions Automobilia Foundation. His passion for cars and community commitment will endure for years.

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