Cody Hoberg, Junior Drag Race Champion, Dies at Age 19

Cody Hoberg Newark OH Accident: Tragedy has struck the community of Newark, Ohio, with the untimely passing of Cody Hoberg at the age of 19. Known for his passion and talent in drag racing, Cody’s journey left an indelible mark on those who knew him.

Who Was Cody Hoberg?

Cody Hoberg was a favorite in Newark, Ohio. He shone in the drag racing community, especially in the JEGS Junior Dragster Race. Notably, he won the 10-year-old class at the 2016 NHRA Jr Drag Racing League Eastern Conference Finals. This win highlighted his exceptional skill and dedication from a young age.

Impact on the Drag Racing Community

Cody achieved significant success in drag racing. His wins earned him fans’ and racers’ respect. Notably, he showed his skill and passion at events like the Midwest Jr Super Series.

Community and Family Remembrance

Stephanie Stokosa’s heartfelt message shows how much Cody’s death affected his loved ones. The Newark community and others are deeply saddened. They lost a young man who inspired them through his racing.


The drag racing community honors Cody Hoberg. They celebrate his achievements and passion. His legacy will inspire young racers. It also highlights the sport’s camaraderie and competitive spirit.

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